A Comprehensive Guide to the WSOP

A Comprehensive Guide to the WSOP

If you’re a fan of poker, you’ve probably already heard of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the world’s most glamourous set of poker tournaments. On this page, you’ll be able to find out everything you need to know about the World Series of Poker from a United States perspective, including important information on how to qualify for a WSOP event!

Once you’ve finished reading this comprehensive page, you should have all the information you need about the WSOP in USA. You never know, you might then be able to go ahead and win a coveted WSOP bracelet of your own, along with the millions of dollars that often accompany one of them!

What is WSOP?

The World Series of Poker – usually shortened simply to the WSOP – is the world’s biggest festival of poker, and it has been running since 1970. It isn’t just one single competition though, but comprises of many different tournaments. The tournament that everyone wants to win though is the Main Event, which offers not only huge amounts of recognition, but a prize for the winning player that often stretches to over C$10m! All players winning an event at the WSOP will also get a bracelet which is worn with pride by anyone good enough to win one.

The WSOP is played every year in Las Vegas, with the Main Event usually concluding in November of each year. As well as bracelets, there is also a prize awarded to the best player throughout the event – a prize that has been won twice by United States genius Daniel Negreanu, the most recognisable player throughout the world. Negreanu is yet to win the Main Event though, however he is the proud owner of six WSOP bracelets.

Since 2007, the World Series of Poker hasn’t only been confined to Las Vegas though, as in 2007, the World Series of Poker Europe was created. While not quite as prestigious as the main WSOP, winners still receive a bracelet, as well as a hefty cash prize. There are now also World Series of Poker events in both Africa and Asia-Pacific. The winners at the World Series of Poker Africa do not receive a bracelet though, as it is considered a circuit event, which is something that is explained below…

Aside from the main WSOP events, there are also many circuit events. These are tournaments held before the main WSOP, and they are held in many different locations, although the majority of these locations are in the USA. Winners of WSOP circuit events are not awarded a bracelet, but instead win a ring. The

A Comprehensive Guide to the WSOP
world’s biggest players aren’t found at these circuit events too often, although many up-and-coming stars play them. This doesn’t mean that the quality is low though – it still takes a lot of skill, as well as some luck, to win a WSOP circuit event.

What Types of Poker Are Played at the WSOP?

As shown on the official World Series of Poker site, the following variations of the game are played:

How to Enter World Series of Poker

There are a few ways to gain entry into one of the WSOP competitions, including the below:

Who has the most WSOP bracelets?

Below is a top 10 winners list of the prestigious WSOP bracelet prize. From a United States interest, look out for our very own Daniel Negreanu in at #9.

World Series of Poker bracelets are awarded to players who win an event each year. It is possible for one person to claim multiple bracelets at the same WSOP in different categories.

How to Watch the WSOP in USA

If you can’t play in the WSOP, the next best thing to do is watch it, and marvel at the skill of the pros on the tables. You can do so in the following ways:

How to get Free Chips on WSOP

The WSOP site offers you the chance to play poker for free. These are social poker games, which means that no real money is involved, so instead you play with free chips without any risk.

Free poker chips can be claimed in the following ways:

Play at the Official WSOP Site Today

If you can’t afford to play one of the live events, or haven’t been lucky enough to win a seat via a satellite, you can still associate yourself with the WSOP pretty easily, by heading to their official site and playing online.

The WSOP site has everything you’d possibly expect from an online poker casino, including big bonuses, a large number of players and a variety of different games. It might not be the same as playing in Las Vegas, but it still means that you can enjoy yourself playing your favourite game online!


Yes, so long as you are over the age of 21 and pay the buy-in fee. This can be done with your own money, or via a financial backer.

Alternatively, you can win a WSOP entry ticket by qualifying through a number of the smaller online satellite tournaments at poker sites. This is at the cost of a much lower price.

It varies depending on the event. For example, the buy-in is C$10,000 for Main Event, and has been since 1972.

As of 2020, the Super High Roller No-Limit Hold'em event has the highest buy-in at C$250,000. While, the lowest is a more affordable C$250.

Yes. You can download the WSOP.com mobile poker app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device. From there, you can join online poker games and tournaments and win real money.

The approximate basic value of a WSOP bracelet is C$500,000. The bracelet itself is made from white and yellow gold, and features black and white diamonds, as well as rubies.

The entire World Series of Poker each year typically takes place from late May until early July. Each event (over 100) is usually completed in one day or across successive days.

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