ATP Finals tennis betting guide for 2021

ATP Finals tennis betting guide for 2021

The ATP Finals is the end-of-year tournament for the men’s professional tennis tour. Featuring the top eight ranked men’s singles and doubles teams in the ATP, it has unofficially become known as the fifth Grand Slam. As such, it unsurprisingly plays a pretty important role in the world of online tennis betting.

Read on to discover ATP Finals betting tips and advice, from ATP odds types to how betting on tennis works, plus key facts about the tournament and the best betting sites.

Best ATP betting sites in USA

An introduction to the ATP Finals

Before we kickstart our guide to ATP Finals betting in USA, here are some handy facts to know about the event:

Eight male players contest the singles draw. To qualify they must either be within the top seven of the ATP World Rankings, or have won up to two Grand Slams. Players ranked 8-20 will then be considered if insufficient active competitors are available

Those eight players are divided into two groups of four and play a round robin format against the other three in their pool

The two players with the best records in each group advance to the semi-finals. Number of sets won in relation to the number played can be used to separate players who have won the same number of matches

From the semi-finals onwards, the ATP Finals are a straight knockout. The winner of the ATP Finals final is crowned the champion

To win a game of tennis, a player must have an advantage of at least two clear points

In order to win a set, players must have an advantage of two or more clear games or win a tiebreak after the scoreline reaches 6-6

All deciding sets go to a tiebreak after reaching a scoreline of 6-6

The ATP Finals were previously known as the Masters Grand Prix and Masters Cup, as well as the Tour World Championships and World Tour Finals

Previous editions of the tournament have throughout the years been played on carpet, grass and outdoor hard courts. It is currently on an indoor hard surface

This event is second only in terms of prestige to the four Grand Slams

How ATP Finals odds work

Understanding ATP Finals odds couldn’t be simpler. It may seem a little bit daunting at first, but once you get to grips with it, you’ll see it’s easy.

Let’s work through a typical example of a tennis match that could happen at the ATP Finals:

In this match featuring Nadal against Djokovic, the former is the favourite as he’s the shorter price in the betting. You can double your money by backing Nadal. Djokovic, meanwhile, is the underdog. A C$8 bet on him returns C$19, which is C$11 of profit. The same money wagered on Nadal would only yield C$16, which is C$8 in profit.

Decimal prices are common in USA, but the American moneyline system is also often used. British fractional odds are another way of expressing prices.

If you want to learn more about these three types of betting odds and how they compare, then try out our nifty Odds Calculator below:

ATP Finals tennis betting guide for 2021

ATP Finals: Types of bets

There are a number of different betting markets for the ATP Finals, but which are the most popular? Here’s a quick breakdown of some:

Match winner

Which player or doubles pair will win a particular match at the ATP Finals?

Set winner

Which player(s) will win a particular set in a certain match?

Set scoreline

What will the exact scoreline in games be of a particular set? You can either specify the set winner or just bet around either player(s) winning by the margin chosen.

Correct scoreline

What will the exact result in sets be of an ATP Finals match?

Tiebreak in match

All sets of tennis at the ATP Finals can go to a tiebreak, so you can bet on that happening or not. It’s a straight choice between yes or no.

Outright tournament winner

Futures markets, once the players contesting the ATP Finals are known, should also be available. These can be as simple as which player(s) will win the tournament?

Group winner

As the ATP Finals are divided into two groups named after tennis legends, you can bet on which player will win each pool.

To reach the final

If you don’t want to bet on the outright winner, you can always add the extra security of a wager to reach the final.

Sportsbooks will pay out if your favourite or fancied tennis player just gets there. It doesn’t matter if they then win or lose.

Live betting on ATP Finals matches

Multiple ATP Finals singles winners

All of these tennis greats have won the ATP Finals singles tournament more than once:


The ATP Finals (also known as the Nitto ATP Finals in 2021 for sponsorship reasons) are the end-of-year tennis tournament for the top male professional players. Only the eight best fit singles players (and doubles pairs) take part. They play in two groups of four with the two best in each advancing to the semi-finals.

Some of the most popular ATP Finals betting markets are:

Tennis betting lines work in a very similar way to the odds and payouts in other sports:

We’ve listed the best ATP Finals betting sites and sportsbooks for you to choose from on this page.

Yes, you can indeed. Today you can easily place bets on your smartphone or tablet using your web browser, or some sportsbooks even offer downloadable mobile apps for both iPhone and Android users.

ATP Finals live betting allows you to bet on tennis matches as they happen. This concept is growing ever more popular. Odds are updated all the time as games and sets go by, so you can feel even more involved in what’s going on.