Australian Open Tennis Betting Guide for 2021

Australian Open Tennis Betting Guide for 2021

This is our guide to Australian Open betting. As the only Grand Slam tennis tournament in the south hemisphere, it obviously attracts a lot of attention from bettors.

If you’re looking for Australian Open betting advice, then this is the place to be. On this page we’ve got all this covered:

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An Introduction to the Australian Open Tennis

Ever wondered how the Australian Open tennis works? We’ve got some key facts to help you understand the basics of this Grand Slam:

Men’s and women’s singles events run concurrently with men’s, women’s and mixed doubles throughout the tournament. Each draw is seeded to keep the best tennis players apart until later in the competition

Multiple cities in Australia and even New Zealand have hosted this, but since 1972 Melbourne has been its home

The last two weeks in January are the current slot in the tennis calendar when the tournament takes place

Since 1988, the Australian Open has been played on an outdoor hard court. Prior to this, it was played on grass like Wimbledon

Two of the show courts are named after Australian tennis legends Rod Laver and Margaret Court

To ensure play can continue during rain, the show courts all have retractable roofs

Matches involving men only are the best of five sets, while those involving women only or the mixed doubles are best of three

Games of tennis must be won by two clear points

The first player(s) to six games with a margin of two games or greater wins a set. Another winning set scoreline is 7-5, but 6-6 leads to a tiebreak

From 2021 onwards, the final set of men’s and women’s singles matches go to tiebreaks (first to 10 points) after six games each

How Australian Open Odds Work

Just in case you’re new to Australian Open betting in USA, we’re going to explain how

Australian Open Tennis Betting Guide for 2021
it works. Gambling on tennis in its most basic form is picking a match winner.

Here’s a typical example of some Australian Open odds:

The shorter price next to Serena indicates she’s favourite in the betting. For every $2 staked on Williams, you would get $1 of profit if she won. That’s a return of $3.

Bouchard, meanwhile, is the bigger price and therefore the underdog. For every $4 wagered on her, there is a $13 return in the offing – $9 of which is profit.

We’ve used decimal prices in our Australian Open betting advice here. Some sportsbooks and sites will use the American moneyline system or British fractional odds. Check out our odds calculator below to see how those compare:


Australian Open Betting Options

The best Australian Open betting sites will give you plenty of choice on this tennis event and all the Grand Slams.

It’s well worth knowing the kind of things you can bet on before you start gambling. Here are some of the most popular Australian Open betting options:

Match winner

Which player or doubles pair will win a particular tennis match?

Set winner

Set betting on at least the first and second sets should be available. Again, you’re gambling on who the winner is.

Correct scoreline

What will the precise result in sets be of a tennis match?

Set scoreline

What will the precise result of a certain set be in a tennis match?

Tiebreak in match

Will any set end in a tiebreak? You’re betting around yes or no here.

Outright tournament winner

Away from betting on tennis matches, you can also gamble on who will the entire tournament.

Stage of elimination

At what point in the tournament will a tennis player be eliminated?

To reach the final

Betting on a tennis player to reach the final of a tournament.

What is Australian Open Live Betting?

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You should now have everything you need to get started betting on the Australian Open. This is tennis at its very best.

For even more Australian Open betting advice, our FAQs section below has answers to common questions.


The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam tennis tournament in the annual calendar. It takes place towards the end of January in Melbourne, Australia.

The most popular Australian Open bet types are:

Only the best Australian Open tennis betting sites are listed on this page. You’re in exactly the right place to find them.

Yes, you can bet on the Australian Open through mobile and other digital devices.

Live betting on tennis like the Australian Open is where you can place wagers while a match is in-play. Markets and prices update all the time to reflect what’s happening on court.