Basketball Playoffs Betting Guide for 2021

Basketball Playoffs Betting Guide for 2021

Basketball lovers everywhere look forward to the NBA playoffs. After the regular season, the finest teams in the sport meet to decide top spot.

Fans of basketball can be found everywhere in the world, not just in the United States and USA. This has added to the appeal of online basketball betting on a range of odds that add excitement for bettors.

In this guide we’ll tell you:

Top Basketball Betting Sites for United States Players

An Introduction to the NBA Playoffs

The NBA post-season process captivates fans across the US, USA and beyond each year. Here’s how it works.

The NBA is divided into two conferences, Eastern and Western, with 15 teams in each

Each conference is split into three divisions

The top eight teams in each conference qualify for the playoffs

Each team plays an opponent in a best-of-seven series

The teams are seeded, so the 1st seed faces the 8th seed

The champion of each conference qualifies for the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals is a best-of-seven series held each June

How NBA Playoffs Odds Work

Betting on the NBA Playoffs is no different to wagering on games in the regular season. This is a simple guide to how they work.

Let’s look at a match between Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards. The odds, expressed as decimals, may read:

For every C$10 you stake on the Patriots, the favourites, you win C$5. If you put C$4 on Washington, the underdogs, you win C$5.

Odds may be presented in other formats, such as fractional and moneyline (also known as American) odds.

Most sportsbooks switch between systems to let you choose how you see prices. Check out our Odds Calculator below to see how they compare.


NBA Playoffs Betting Options

The point spread

Also known as handicap betting. The sportsbook sets a figure showing by how many points one side will win, then gives you a 50-50 choice. You decide whether you think one side will win – or lose – by more than that margin.

The moneyline

There is no handicap, simply a straight choice. Which team is going to win the match?

Total points – over or under

How many will the teams score in total? If you think it’ll be a higher-scoring

Basketball Playoffs Betting Guide for 2021
match than the sportsbook does, the overs are for you.

Quarter bets

Which side will score more points in the first quarter?

Prop bets

Proposition bets are not on the overall outcome, but events within a game.

Division win

If you reckon your team will win its division, this bet is for you. The earlier you do this, the bigger your return should be.

Conference win

This is for you if you believe one team is a certainty for its conference. You may wager on this well in advance too.

NBA Finals win

Let’s say you really believe your favorite team is going all the way to win the NBA Finals. It’s time to put your money where your dream is.

What is NBA Playoffs Live Betting?

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Brief NBA Playoffs Timeline

The Basketball Association of America (BAA) is founded. From 1949 the league is known as the NBA

Four teams from each of three divisions qualify for the playoffs

The NBA reverts to two divisions, with only eight teams in the playoffs

With only nine league members, the number of playoff teams is cut to six

Boston Celtics win the NBA Finals for the ninth year in a row

The number of teams in the playoffs rises to eight again

Bill Russell of Boston Celtics wins his 11th NBA Finals, a record that still stands

10 teams go into the playoffs, with the fourth and fifth seeds in each conference meeting to decide who makes the last eight

Now there are 12 teams in the playoffs, with only division winners getting byes to the final eight

The first round is expanded as 16 teams go to the playoffs

Michael Jordan wins his sixth NBA Finals with Chicago Bulls

New York Knicks are the only 8th-seeded team to reach the NBA Finals

Kobe Bryant inspires LA Lakers to their fifth NBA Finals triumph in a decade

Steph Curry sets a record for three-pointers in an NBA Finals game with nine, as Golden State Warriors are champions for the second year in a row

Recent NBA Finals winners


Betting on the NBA playoffs in USA is tremendously popular and, in the digital age, ever more easy to do. Virtually all sportsbooks now offer the ability to add to your enjoyment of sporting action by betting on it.

To find out everything you might ever need to know about basketball betting in USA, check out our home page.


A post-season tournament involving the best 16 teams from the NBA regular season. They face off in a series of match-ups that culminates with the NBA Finals.

The point spread, which gives fans the chance to challenge a handicap set by a sportsbook, is a perennial favourite with basketball bettors.

Our online betting guide tells you all the questions you need answered when choosing one of our recommended sites. These include matters such as security, licensing, range of bets and bonuses.

Most definitely. The vast majority of sportsbooks now have user-friendly apps that allow you to wager on your device.

After the game gets under way, sportsbooks will offer you the ability to bet on the live action – as well as the overall result.