Best Boxing Betting Sites & Bets

Boxing fights occur across the year, with many of the top cards gaining millions of dollars and viewers. This is what makes boxing betting one of the most popular in USA and globally.

If you are new to boxing betting or want to learn more, read on as we’ll go through how boxing betting odds work, where to bet online and what the best bets are.

Best Betting Sites for Boxing in USA 2021

How do Boxing Betting Odds Work?

When it comes to understanding boxing odds, there is a difference how they are displayed. This is dependent on whether the sportsbook offers decimal (most popular in USA), fractional and/or American odds.

So, how does boxing betting work? We’ve displayed the three kinds of odds in our moneyline fight example to show you below:

Based on the above example, fighter 1 is the favourite with the lower boxing odds in each format. This means that if you place C$10 for the fighter to win, you’ll get a profit of C$3.30 plus your stake back.

Your chances of winning are less if you back fighter 2 (C$25 profit on a C$10 bet) or a draw (C$250 profit), but there is more money to be won.

Check out our betting odds calculator for other boxing bets you wish to work out. You can change the odds format and find out your potential profit and implied probability.


Popular Types of Boxing Bets

Now that you know how betting works in boxing, we’ll take you through the different types of bets and best fight odds to take:

Moneyline betting

This is a bet you can place on any kind of boxing match. It's a simple call of who you think the overall winning boxer of the fight will be.

Round Betting Over/Under

How does round betting work in boxing? The sportsbook sets a line on how many rounds they think the fight will last. You bet on whether it will be more or less than the line.

Some sportsbooks also offer the chance to bet on a round grouping. So, for the win to happen in rounds 1-3. You can also make the bet more complex by drilling down to which fighter you think will win each round.

Win Method

This is one of the most popular boxing bets. You must correctly guess the winning fighter and by what method. You need to correctly guess both parts of the bet to win.

For example, fighter 1 to win by knockout. This will ensure that the regular moneyline fight odds are increased, so you can win more if the bet comes off.

Prop Bets

Boxing prop bets usually give you a choice of two options (yes or no) for markets within a fight. For example:

Parlay bets

To create the biggest boxing odds, you can try parlay betting. You can place a low stake and still win big by picking multiple fights to bet on.

The odds of winning are low, which is why it is best to choose fighters who are more likely to win. Even if you pick five fighters who are favourites to win their matches, you could end up hugely profiting.

You can place boxing parlay bets across any weight division and fight card, as well as amateur fights and world title bouts. They don’t even have to feature on the same day, but if just one of your sections lose then the whole parlay bet loses too.

Boxing Specials

These are unique bets that some sportsbooks will offer exclusively on high-profile fights. They include special odds on outcomes of certain things happening during the fight, such as:

Boxing Betting Apps & Mobile Options

Boxing betting online is made easier on mobile or tablet, whether you have an Apple or Android device. You have access to all the same odds and markets, including boxing live betting, and can bet wherever you have internet.

Most top sportsbooks allow you to bet on boxing through apps, meaning you can sign in automatically and start betting straight away without having to go through a browser. Alternatively, mobile sites mean you don’t have to download any software.

Boxing Rules Basics

Whether you want to watch or bet, boxing is easy to follow for United Statess. Here are the most important basics:

Knowing the basic rules of the game are critical for any bettor who hopes to wager successfully on boxing in one of today's many online sportsbooks.

The Best Ever Boxing Fights

Boxing has delivered some memorable moments over the years and some iconic fighters. From boxing champions Mohammed Ali and George Forman all the way through to Sugar Ray Leonard. The legends of boxing and the punches they delivered long live on. Here's the low-down on boxing's greatest ever bouts:

September 22nd 1927 - Gene Tunney V Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey had been an unstoppable force in boxing in the 20's. That was until he met Gene Tunney in the ring in 1927 and was outboxed to the title.

June 22nd 1938 - Joe Louis V Max Schmeling

Playing for the Heavyweight champion of the world title, on the eve of WWII, America's Joe Louis defended his title against Schmeling at Yankee Stadium.

July 16th 1947 - Rocky Graziano V Tony Hale

These two eventually met three times in the ring but on this occasion it was Graziano who took the win with a sixth round technical knock out.

March 8th 1971 - Mohammed Ali V Joe Frazier

This punishing 15-round fight, coined "the fight of the century" saw Ali and Frazier both on top form but eventually it was Frazier who reined victorious.

October 30th 1974 - Mohammad Ali V George Foreman

Dubbed "The Rumble in the Jungle" this clash of two boxing titans saw Ali emerge victorious to win by KO in round eight.

January 24th 1976 - George Foreman V Ron Lyle

Still smarting from his knock out loss at the hands of Ali, George Foreman took on Ron Lyle and redeemed himself by taking the win in round five.

April 6th 1987 - Sugar Ray Leonard V Marvin Hagler

This much anticipated bout between two greats pitted retired Leonard as the underdog but even after 5 years out of the ring he still managed the win.

November 13th 1992 - Riddick Bowe V Evander Holyfield

While Holyfield had been the bookies favourite to take the win it was Bowe's speed and strength that in the end saw him come out on top after 12 rounds.

May 18th 2002 - Micky Ward V Arturo Gatti

These two fighters weren't regarded as sporting superstars of boxing, and yet their meeting delivered something truly special with Ward ultimately winning.

February 19th 2005 - Erik Morales V Marco Antonio Barrera

In the third meet between these two long-established Mexican boxing rivals emotions were running high but Barrera was eventually crowned the winner.

Boxing FAQs

Our expert team has found that the below are the best betting sites for boxing, based on security, choice of bets and fights and welcome bonus offers:

Follow these steps to learn how to place a bet on boxing fights online:

When betting on boxing in USA, we recommended the following as the best boxing bets to take when placing real money:

Boxing lines and odds are like other sports betting lines. They simply tell you how much you stand to win by placing a particular wager. Sports betting lines are often listed in American format, but you may encounter fractional or decimal odds, which are both self-explanatory.

Usually in professional boxing, fights last anywhere between four and 12 rounds. This applies for men and women. World title fights in particular consist of more rounds.

In professional men’s boxing, each round is three minutes long. For women, a round lasts two minutes.

Below are the different boxing weight divisions for professional male fighters in order of heaviest to lightest:

There are world title belts on offer in each division, such as for the following sanctioning bodies: