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Free online keno games are a great way to learn the game and practice strategies with no risk.

How to Play Keno Online

Learning how to play keno online takes very little time, and is a simple game in concept. This handy guide will go through all the basics such as how to sign up, the rules, strategies, and tips.

Unlike other popular online casino offerings like poker and bingo, there are no mathematically developed strategies for winning at keno. However, there is some strategy that can be employed when playing online keno:

Multi-race cards allow players to select a number or collection of numbers that will be carried over across a series of games.

This takes away the desire to change numbers between games, or to add more numbers if losses are taken.

It is important to be aware of your budget when making bets. Keno has a high house edge, so never bet real money you can’t afford to lose.

Weigh up the risk vs reward. Select a bet amount that suits you, and stick to it. Withdraw any winnings.

The Gambler’s Fallacy is the belief that there is a connection between random events. For example: if a number is drawn in one game, it is more or less likely to be drawn in the next.

Remember that keno is 100% random. Playing keno online at a reputable casino site means that the numbers are drawn totally randomly too.

Online Keno Variations

Single Card Keno is a one-off game, where you pick your selected numbers for one round.

Winnings are returned, and a new game then starts from scratch.

Multi-Card Keno is another basic form of keno, but, instead of just one game, your numbers carry across several (e.g. 4-Card Keno or 20-Card Keno). All bets and numbers are repeated across two or more rounds.

This form of keno heightens your chance of winning but can also cost substantially more if you lose.

Power Keno adds only one aspect to regular keno, but it’s quite the addition! You’ll see your wins quadrupled if the 20th ball picked matches one of your numbers.

This add an extra level of excitement to the game and can entirely change a player’s fortunes on the last number drawn.

Also known as Fire Power Keno, Super Keno has the same mechanic, except that wins are quadrupled for the 1st ball instead of the 20th.

There is no real difference between Power Keno and Super Keno, it’s merely a case of personal taste, whether you prefer the excitement to come at the beginning of a game or wait until the end.

NetEnt’s Bonus Keno and a few other keno games offer a progressive jackpot mechanic. The jackpot builds up with every bet made, and is released either at random, or as a result of a bonus round.

Progressive keno can seem complicated but does not take long to master.

Offline vs Online Keno

Keno can be played both online at a gambling site and offline at a land casino, but how do the two compare?

How we Review Online Keno Casinos

Our experienced online keno experts carry out extensive research on all online casinos we review. Any recommended keno-specific gambling site must offer the following:

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Keno Online FAQs

Keno is lottery style numbers casino game. Players choose between 1 and 20 numbers. 20 numbers are then chosen from a pool of 80, and players win if one or more of their numbers match.

Yes. Online casinos are legal in USA if they are based overseas or carry a license from the Kahnawake territory.

This means there are numerous online casinos available in USA to choose from to play keno at. You can find our pick of the best here.

No. If you play at a reputable online casino, keno is executed using random number generators (RNGs) to ensure that all games are completely random.

Every number has an equal chance of being drawn in each individual game.

Many online keno games will offer a list of ‘hot’ numbers, i.e. those which have come up the most. These five hot keno numbers that come up the most are: 23, 34, 72, 1 and 4.

However, there is actually no pattern to be found. No number comes up more or less than any other over time, the outcome of every draw is completely random.

There are many choices for online casinos available to players in USA, and below are our current top five picks:

Yes, of course. When you play keno online with real money or with a bonus or promotion, if you win you get cash back in return.

This money can then be used to play more keno (or other online casino games) or be withdrawn from your account (as long as any bonus wagering requirements have been reached, where relevant).

Yes. Most gambling sites offer demo or free online casino games after you sign up for some titles.

By playing free keno first, it gives you a good opportunity to practice strategy and get used to the games before wagering real money.

The odds and Return to Player (RTP) percentage of online keno change depending on the number of picks a player makes.

The payout percentage of a single pick is 50%, while two and three picks are around 60%. Five picks offer a little over 67%, and the number drops back down to around 60% for eight, nine and 10 picks.

Yes. A few keno games, such as NetEnt’s Bonus Keno, offer a progressive jackpot for players. This jackpot is normally gained as a result of a bonus game but can be triggered randomly in some cases.

You win at online keno when your selected number(s) matches the number(s) that is drawn at random.

Different keno games support different playing styles. If you’re after a quick and easy game to play, Single Card Keno is for you.

Multi-Card Keno is for those who prefer a longer-term game, while Power and Super Keno suit players who enjoy an extra level of excitement and the chance at big wins.