Best Sports Betting Sites in USA

Best Sports Betting Sites in US

Top Sports Betting Sites in 2021

Read our expert team’s review process for finding the best sports betting sites.

Popular Sports to Bet on

Sports Betting Odds Explained

With so many sports betting sites in USA to choose from, you need to know how odds work.

We can explain how to read moneyline odds, spread betting and go through other ways of expressing prices. You can also view our sports betting odds calculator.

This is how you read moneyline odds. Teams will have a minus or plus sign in front of them.

Those with a negative number, for instance -250, are favourites. That’s how much you must stake to make C$100 profit.

A team with a positive number, meanwhile, are the underdogs. This indicates how much you win off a C$100 stake.

For example, if Toronto Raptors are +300 to win an NBA game, you make C$300 profit, plus your C$100 stake back for C$400 total returns.

You’ll also find spread betting on United States sportsbooks. These simplify sports gambling on events where one team or player is clearly superior to the other.

You are betting on your chosen team or player to win by so many points. The spread is set by sportsbook traders.

For example, Toronto Maple Leafs are listed with a -2 spread. They have to win by two or more points for a bet to come off.

The best sports gambling sites allow you to toggle how odds are expressed. Besides the American moneyline, prices can also be in fractions and decimals.

Fractional odds show you winnings and the stake either side of the dividing line. For example, 15/2 is a C$2 bet to win C$15 for total returns of C$17.

Decimal odds include the stake rather than separate it from winnings. For instance, 8.50 is the same as 15/2, as a C$1 bet gives returns of C$8.50.

Best Sports Betting Sites in US

Top 5 Sports Betting Tips

Best Sports Betting Apps & Mobile Sites

All legit sports betting apps are free to download. You can also use all the features available on the desktop site such as access to all the betting odds, live sports betting and even watch live streams of games.

We’ve put together a table, of the 5 best sports betting mobile sites, and rated them for you:

How we Review

Our expert team at OGCA consider the following criteria for finding the best sports betting sites in USA:

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Our #1 Sports Betting Site


Yes. Placing bets on sports betting sites that are based outside of USA is perfectly legal.

As long as the sportsbooks are fully licensed and regulated, and you are of legal gambling age, then you can safely do sports betting in USA online.

After much reviewing and vetting, these are our recommended top 10 sports betting sites in USA:

Odds will technically be slightly in the sports betting site’s favour, as they make their profit based on losing bets, but they are not in any way rigged.

It is up to you to decide whether or not the odds are enticing enough to place a bet on and win.

There have been instances of game or match fixing in multiple sports, but these do not involve legitimate sportsbooks.

The most popular sports to bet on in USA include:

Some of the easiest sports to bet on are:

These are sports that have just two outcomes, rather than three, in the moneyline or win markets. There is no tie market (except in rare cases), which in theory increases your chances of winning.

This will depend on your knowledge of a certain sport. Particularly the more niche sports, where you can try and outwit the sports betting site if you happen to know any expert info.

Therefore, some of the most profitable sports are:

Live sports betting, or in-play betting, is when you can place a bet through a sportsbook while a game is happening. You can do so on desktop or a sports betting app on mobile.

The odds will fluctuate very quickly compared to pre-match markets, so you’ll need to be alert. Unique live betting markets such as ‘next player to score’ or if you fancy a team to make a comeback will be available.

It is recommended that you are watching the game you intend to bet on live, so you have a better understanding of the market and when best to bet.