BetOnline Casino Review

BetOnline Casino Review

BetOnline Review: Introduction

Online gambling is one of the best ways to experience casino games, poker games and sports betting today. It’s quick and convenient to do and a whole lot of fun without the hassle. The thing is, gambling online is best when you’re using a high quality casino. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to pick out a good establishment, and to learn how to avoid the low quality ones. We put together a detailed BetOnline review for 2021 so players could evaluate what we believe is one of the better online betting establishments. It offers a solid casino experience, an excellent poker room setup and decent sports betting features as well. If you’re looking for a new place to begin gambling, it’s hard to turn down BetOnline as the place to do it.

Sign up for BetOnline and immediately take advantage of a generous deposit match bonus of 100% no matter which section you sign up to.

BetOnline Software

This BetOnline Review for 2021players focuses in on the different software providers that the casino makes use of, because the software largely makes or breaks a casino. BetOnline relies on two providers, Rival Gaming and BetSoft. The majority of the casino games are from BetSoft, with Rival Gaming filling in the blanks.

The result is a good solid collection of games to choose from, without it being over the top. The casino doesn’t have hundreds and hundreds of games to pick from, but most of them are pretty solid. You’ll find quality offerings with excellent graphics and a good layout overall.

Top Banking Methods

While putting together this BetOnline review it became very obvious that one of the casino’s strong points is all its deposit and withdrawal methods available. When you play at this casino you’ll enjoy 13 different deposit and withdrawal methods covering everything from e-Wallet services, to credit cards to bank transfers. As a new player it’s important to be able to get money into your account with ease, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience when playing at BetOnline.

While playing at the casino you’ll have all the below payment methods to use. You’ll enjoy top level protection as well, with top-level encryption and safety measures in place to protect your money. This makes it easy to join the casino with confidence.

Excellent BetOnline Mobile Support

Mobile gambling is one of the most popular ways to experience online casinos today. It’s quick and convenient to turn on a mobile phone and start playing your favourite casino games, or participating in a live poker game. While making the sportsbook review for BetOnline, we became very impressed with the overall mobile support offered by the casino. There’s a decent bonus system in place for mobile players, and ample support for devices, whether you use an Android, an iOS device like the iPad or a Windows Phone product like the Nokia Lumia.

No matter what device you play on, no mobile app is necessary to start playing. Instead you simply load the mobile site in your phone or tablet web browser, and you sign into your account. Once signed in, you can immediately start playing the HTMl5 games right from your device. You’ll enjoy instant action and can begin experiencing all the fun that the site has to offer immediately.

A wide range of devices will work fine at the casino. For iOS devices most iPhones and iPads will work with the casino. For Android products the Fire Tablets, Sony products, HTC products, the Samsung Galaxy Line and most other modern Android phones and tablets will work with the casino. New Blackberry owners should have no trouble accessing the casino and nearly every Windows Phone device as well as other Windows products like the Surface will work with the casino as well.

If you’re a mobile player it’s really easy to get started at BetOnline, and you can experience the same quality of gaming.

A High Quality Sportsbook

The BetOnline sports section gives you the ability to bet on all your favourite sporting events. The system offers stats on players and teams for things like boxing, baseball, football and American football. It’s simple and straightforward to use, and even offers a live-betting function that you can use to make in-game wagers.

The next time that you sit down to watch a match, think about how you could enhance it with a wager or two at BetOnline. Below is a breakdown of the most popular sports and whether or not they’re offered at this site’s sportsbook.

Industry Leading Poker

To many online gamblers there’s nothing better than going head to head with other real players from around the world, and there’s no better way to do that than with BetOnline poker. There’s more strategy involved, and the highly skilled players can win more consistently with poker than with other gambling games. The Poker room offers a generous deposit bonus matched at 100% and the casino will release it C$5 at a time as you gamble in the poker room, giving you a constant flow of new cash to play with.

The Poker room offers a lot of exciting features to players, including a wide range of standard cash tables and an excellent selection of tournaments. There are bonus tournaments, freerolls, and massive multi-table competitions to give you a chance to win massive prizes while playing. While the poker room is a bit smaller than the big names in the industry, poker players will be happy with the games and bonus options available, and it’s easily one of the most exciting aspects of this BetOnline review for 2021 players.

A Quality Selection of Casino Games

If, like most online gamblers you’re into casino games, BetOnline has quite a bit to offer. It’s not like the huge online gambling sites that offer hundreds or even thousands of different games to choose from, instead the casino focuses on quality over quantity. There are 19 standard video slots, 79 3D slots, 17 table games 17 video poker games and a small collection of skill-based games like Spades. There’s also a few live casino games, giving you the chance to go against a real dealer that’s displayed on camera for every move that you make. Even though there isn’t a huge selection to choose from, most players will be satisfied with the quality of the games offered and will want to try each of the different slots over time, because most of them are rated highly.

The Leading Table Game Options

Many of the more popular games listed like roulette and blackjack come with multiple varieties to choose from, so you can switch up the game for a slightly different experience whenever you want. These table games are a good quality, but they don’t stand out as better than what other casinos are offering. If you’re only joining to play table games you’ll have plenty of options, but you probably won’t be super impressed by the games either.

BetOnline 2021Bonuses and Promos

Bonuses make or break online casinos, and the bonuses is one of the areas that really stands out in this Betonline review. In 2021 there are bonuses for players using the sportsbook, the poker room or the casino. There are three different bonuses available to sportsbook players. There’s the 50% match welcome bonus up to C$2,500, the 25% match lifetime deposit bonus, and the live betting C$25 free play bonus letting you try it out without spending any money.

Casino players will enjoy a massive 100% match bonus for play at slots, they’ll enjoy a good selection of bonus tournaments and monthly giveaways, a lifetime 25% deposit match bonus and a 10% loss rebate bonus. The rebate bonus is particularly nice, because it lets you get back some of your losses as long as you’re over C$100 in the month for losses.

Serious poker players have a lot to gain when playing at the casino as well. Betonline poker players can enjoy promotional tournaments for massive prize pools, they can enjoy regular freeroll tournaments, a 100% match bonus on the first deposit, and weekly prize challenges.

All these promotions come together to create an excellent experience for new and long-term players at the casino, and there’s even more unnamed bonuses that come up regularly, so it’s good to check back often to see what prizes await.

The High Roller Program and Extras

While there is no established VIP program at BetOnline, there is a high roller system in place for the serious gamblers that make huge numbers of bets throughout the month. If you’re moving serious dollars around in the games that you play, you could qualify for some unique bonuses, and you just have to enroll in the program.

Essentially, you sign up for the high roller program and when you gamble with enough money you’ll receive money back instantly. The lowest tier is for between $75,000 and $150,000 in wagered money during the month, and it offers C$50 in cash back instantly. The tiers climb all the way up to C$1,000 in cash back prizes, which is pretty good for purely wagered money. There are additional monthly bonuses and free promotions available as well, so check the casino regularly to see what you could be winning while playing.

BetOnline Customer Service

Good customer support is a major concern in or review and we won’t recommend a casino without an excellent help system in place. While making this BetOnline review in 2021 we were impressed by the customer support system in place. There are separate emails in place for most of the different sections of the website. That means poker players can get specific help, casino players can get the help they need, skill players can seek specific help, and everyone else has a general email to make use of.

There’s a dedicated support number that you can call for immediate help over the phone as well. This line works well from most countries and it’s something that you can use quickly and easily. If you run into problems and you don’t want to immediately call and ask for help there is also a pretty detailed FAQ section that answers many common questions. The only thing the site lacks is a good live chat feature for help. Without the feature it can be a bit more difficult to seek help quickly if you can’t get in touch with support through the phone number provided. Overall it’s pretty easy to get help for most common questions though, and the support experience is a good one.

The Final Verdict

Overall we were quite pleased with the site while putting together the BetOnline review. The Sportsbooks had plenty to offer, the casino section had high quality games with plenty of variety to choose from, there were ample payment methods and promotions to choose from and the poker room offers the same caliber of features that you would expect from a top service in the industry. There’s a lot to love about BetOnline with only a few minor drawbacks overall. If you’re searching for a good all-around online site to gamble at, there are few options that can compare to BetOnline.

BetOnline FAQ

Yes, we’ve reviewed the casino carefully and BetOnline is highly reliable and real. You can trust the security measures when depositing your money, and active random number generators keep the game fair as you play for real money.

Yes and no. There are some sections of the site, such as the casino that don’t require a software download. There are other areas like the poker room that require you to download software. You’ll have to take a look at the section you are most interested in to verify whether it requires a software download to play.

Yes, in some areas of BetOnline. If you like casino games you can absolutely play them without downloading any software at all, and this includes the mobile section of BetOnline. If you want to play online Poker you’ll need to download the software to get started.

As quick as 2 days if you use the right method. E-Wallet services payout quickly and easily, but other options such as credit cards and bank transfers can take 4 to 10 days to complete before you’ll have access to your winnings.

Yes, there is excellent mobile support for BetOnline. No matter what section of the site you want to play at, there is mobile support available. You can experience the content right in your mobile browser, and most Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices are supported, making it easy to game no matter what you have.

Yes, the casino supports the United States dollar so you can gamble in your native currency without having to worry about conversion rates, this makes it easy to get started and understand how much money you’re playing with.

Yes, free play is available for many of the games on the site. You can’t place sports wagers for free, or use the live casino feature with free money, but many of the poker features as well as the casino games are available for free play for you to try out. You’ll be surprised by all that you can do in the free money section of the casino.

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