Blacklisted Casinos for United States Players to Avoid in 2021

Most online casinos are fantastic places to gamble, offering fair games, great customer service, and fast withdrawal times.

Blacklisted Casinos for US Players to Avoid in 2021
Unfortunately though, there are some online casinos that simply don’t meet our high standards, as they treat their players badly and offer a poor playing experience. We will let you know about all of these blacklisted United States casinos right here on this page though, so that you can avoid gambling online with them.

If you’re looking for a new and exciting place to play in 2021, make sure you check this page regularly. We often place new online casinos on our casino blacklist, however we’re also fair, meaning that casinos can also be removed – providing they start offering a better service to players.

Why Are Some Online Casinos Blacklisted?

There are many different reasons why we might choose to add a United States online gambling site to our blacklist, and we only do it when we are 100% certain that you shouldn’t be playing there. Because of the experience of our team of reviewers, they are able to separate the best casinos from the worst, so you can trust them when we advise against playing somewhere.

Perhaps the main reason why an online casino finds itself on the blacklist is for withholding players’ winnings. The fact of the matter is simple: some disreputable sites simply don’t want to pay large sums of money to players, and will try everything to avoid it. One of their favourite tactics is taking an inordinate amount of time to process a withdrawal, in the hope that the player will get bored and spend the money on their site instead. Some even go as far as confiscating winnings entirely, dishonestly claiming that a player has broken one of their rules.

Another reason for blacklisting a casino is when they can’t demonstrate that their games are completely fair. They can demonstrate this quite simply, as all it takes is verification from a company such as eCOGRA, and proper oversight from a reputable regulatory authority. Some companies simply refuse to cooperate with these bodies though, and this massively raises suspicions. If an online gambling site isn’t open and transparent, it will go straight on the blacklist.

There are also many other reasons why a United States online casino might go on our blacklist. Some sites take their advertising too far and spam their members, others advertise the world but then don’t deliver, while some simply don’t want to abide by the accepted rules. Then there are the sites that don’t respond to any emails or phone calls, as well as the ones that have unfair terms and conditions. Whatever the reason for placing a United States online gambling site on the blacklist is, you can be sure that the site is to be avoided at all costs.

The Rogue Casino List

We keep tabs on those casinos United States players flag up as being poor, bad, or even criminal in their way of doing business. Persistent offenders are added to the blacklist, so our players know they can easily find those sites they should be avoiding. If things improve, that will be reflected in our reviews, but the sites that really let players down will always stay in the list below. Make sure you are not wasting your time and money with any of them.

List Last Updated: 17-Oct-2021

Removing Casinos from the Blacklist

Casinos can change, and we recognize that.

Blacklisted Casinos for US Players to Avoid in 2021
They might be bought by a company that wants to put things right, or the existing owners might suddenly realise that they need to clean up their act. If a casino does turn a corner and start offering an acceptable level of honesty to its players, we are then more than happy to remove them from our casino blacklist. It’s not a process that happens overnight though – the casino has to prove over a long period of time that they can now be trusted by players in USA.

Unfortunately, we don’t get the chance to remove casinos from our blacklist too often. This is because most blacklisted online gambling sites are happy to continue providing a dishonest service, until their poor reputation eventually causes them to go bust.

Report a Casino to Us

While we work tirelessly to review the different online casinos in CA, we can’t look at all of them. This is where you come in, as we rely on readers of this site to let us know if they’ve had a bad experience at a United States online casino. If this has happened to you, simply drop us a quick message and we’ll take a look at the site. We’ll then consider placing the online gambling site on our blacklist, so that other players can be warned about them.

Find the Best United States Online Casinos

So, now you know how to avoid playing at the more disreputable online casinos, but how do you go about finding the top United States online casinos to play at? The answer is really simple, as you just have to read through the many reviews of the different online gambling sites here at site, before choosing the site you like the look of best. You’ll then be playing slots, blackjack and many other great games within minutes, and hopefully winning some nice amounts of real money!

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Blacklisted Casinos FAQ

A blacklisted site is an online gambling site that we have reviewed and decided is not offering an acceptable service to its players. This could be due to many different reasons, including withholding winnings, not having fair games, or offering incredibly poor customer service. These blacklisted sites should be avoided by all players in USA.

All blacklisted sites should be avoided because they simply don’t offer a good playing experience to United States gamblers. At best, they could prevent you from withdrawing funds for a while, and at worst, they could offer games that are completely untrustworthy. With so many great online casinos, there’s no point playing somewhere substandard.

If you have already signed up with one of these sites, the first thing to do is initiate a withdrawal straightaway, and definitely don’t be tempted to add any more funds to the site. You should then close your account and head to one of the fantastic United States online casinos recommended by our team of expert reviewers.

Getting your money back from one of these casinos is possible, but not guaranteed. If you don’t receive your funds within a reasonable amount of time, you should contact the casino and complain. If this leads nowhere, you should contact the regulatory authority responsible for overseeing the casino and complain directly to them.

One of the biggest signs that a site can’t be trusted is if it isn’t regulated by a reputable external organisation. Other signs to look for include many complaints by players on different casino forums, and an unprofessional looking site. The easiest way to spot an untrustworthy site is to simply look at this page though.