Before we talk about gambling online with United States dollars, let's talk about shopping for a second. Have you ever used your credit card in the US? Or overseas? Then you probably know that sick-to-your-stomach feeling you get when you return home to USA, open your credit card statement, and find that your credit card company has charged you ridiculous exchange rates and extra service charges. Don't let that happen at an online casino. We know the best sites for gambling online with United States dollars, so read on.

Gambling online with United States dollars (CAD) - without worrying

Thinking about depositing to just any online gambling site instead of one that accepts United States dollars? Consider this first. Depositing at online casinos isn't always an easy process. A lot of other Internet casinos - even the reputable ones - are based offshore. And their banking systems work a little bit differently than North American systems. That means when you deposit to an online gambling site, there's a chance your credit card could be rejected. But when you use United States dollars for your Internet gambling, you can take comfort knowing that the site you chose already has a system in place to get your funds loaded - quickly, securely, and without delay.

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Avoid fees when you gamble with CAD

You gamble online because you love to have fun. But you're also in it to make money, right? That's why, if you live in USA, you should only play at online gambling CAD casinos. No one hits an online casino because they like handing over their hard earned money to the pit boss. So why would you hand over your money before you even drop your chips on the felt? That's exactly what you're doing when you choose a non-online gambling CAD website. That's because Internet casinos that don't take loonies by default will charge you Euros or US dollars. Many of these sites will also hit you with a conversion charge. Some even charge you a conversion fee when you deposit and when you withdraw. And that's on top of the currency conversion fee your bank or credit card will charge you. Choose a United States Dollar online gambling site and you won't have to worry about any of that.

Find out the special banking options for CAD casino deposits

Thinking about gambling online with United States dollars? You've got tons of options when you choose to play at a reputable online casino that accepts loonies. No matter where you live in USA, it's good to be a Canuck because moving money in and out of your online casino account when you choose online gambling with United States dollars is fairly straightforward.

Our picks offer CAD casino banking security

When it comes to online gambling, CAD dollars are your best bet. You want to make sure your banking transactions are safe and secure, but that doesn't mean you should deposit at just any online gambling CAD site. Some are better than others - for safety, for security, for customer service, and for game quality.

We've reviewed pretty much every casino that offers gambling online with United States dollars. We ranked them in a number of categories to make sure the online casino experience being offered was a top-tier one. We then narrowed down our list to bring you only the best sites for Canucks to play at. To test out one if the casino picks for yourself, use our download links and grab the free software. Once your account is all set up, you can start gambling online with United States dollars - confidently.

Our #1 Online Casino Accepting United States Dollars


Yes, actually there are a couple. First off, fees can be incurred when changing between currencies. Making your deposits and withdrawals using United States Dollars avoids this. Second, there's a small risk that using a currency other than your home currency will make it more difficult for you to withdraw your winnings.

Also, using United States Dollars means you'll have a better idea of how much you're spending. Granted, changing between CAD and USD isn't too difficult but you could easily end up betting more than intended in the heat of a moment when playing poker or some other casino game. Using United States Dollars means you don't have to do calculations every time you're placing your bets.

No! Or at least not to a degree you would ever notice. Almost all of the best casinos allow you to make deposits and withdrawals using CAD. Of those that don't, many are smaller ventures actively targeting a different geographical area, so probably not sites you'd want to gamble with anyway.

With over a thousand different online casinos offering CAD support, you couldn't get through all of them if you tried! Of these casinos, there's bound to be one suited to every United States so there's really no reason to play using anything other than United States Dollars.

The majority of online casinos use geo-tagging to see where players are visiting from and change the content they display based on that information. Among the information that gets switched up are details about the bonuses that casino offers. This means United States players can quickly see the value of any bonuses on offer in CAD without having to calculate it themselves.

As for payouts, if a site allows deposits and withdrawals in CAD, it's very likely that they'll also offer bonuses using that currency as well. As far as the casino is concerned, bonuses are paid out just like any other winnings.

If you're used to paying a fee when you use your credit card online, you MAY find that these will be applicable when making a deposit using an online casino. However, other than these charges issued by the credit card provider, you won't incur any fees when making a deposit with an online casino using a credit card.

Even so, many United States players choose to use an online payment platform or 'e-wallet.' Because these involve less hassle for online casino operators, they will often encourage their use by offering real money bonuses on any deposits made using such methods.