Darts Betting Guide for 2021

Darts Betting Guide for 2021

Darts betting in USA and the sport in general have had their profile raised by a passionate fanbase and because of international growth. Multiple world champion John Part hails from Ontario, while Jeff Smith is a New Brunswick native.

This is our comprehensive guide to darts betting. All this and more features on the page:

Top Darts Betting Sites for United States Players

How we Review the Best Darts Sites

conscious sites with a safety-first approach so you can bet with confidence

Fully licensed and legal sportsbooks for United States bettors

A great range of darts odds to choose from

Multiple customer service options available 24/7

An attractive welcome bonus and regular offers that give you every reason to keep on betting

How to Sign Up to a Darts Betting Site

Pick one of the best darts betting sites we recommend here

Visit the site and find the ‘sign up’, ‘register’ or ‘join’ button which should be prominent on the homepage

A registration form will appear and you should fill in your personal details

Security questions and answers can give your betting account extra protection. These are optional for some sites but compulsory on others

If asked, create a username. Again, this may be optional. You will have to come up with a pin code or password

Promo codes to activate offers must be entered before completing registration

Agree to sportsbook terms and conditions by clicking the tickbox, and you may also need to verify your age

An Introduction to Darts

Let’s get started. Here are some key facts about the sport of darts you should know before betting:

The World Darts Federation (WDF) is the official governing body

Working alongside the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), they organise tournaments

There are two world championships in darts. One is organized by the PDC and the other by original organization, the British Darts Organisation (BDO)

Although the sport has its background as a pastime in public houses (pubs), darts much like snooker has become very popular in English-speaking countries and now the Netherlands and Germany

Different sections around the outside of a dartboard have different point values between one and 20. Certain segments are worth double and triple scores, with the outer ring in the middle worth 25 and the bullseye 50

Players in a game of darts each throw three at a time trying to reach zero from a starting score of 501. The first to do that wins that leg

In order to win a leg, the final dart thrown must be a double score or land in the bullseye

Reaching zero is referred to as 'checking out', and the minimum possible number of darts thrown to get there is nine (known as a nine-darter or perfect leg)

Darts players must stand behind a line, called the oche, which is a regulation 2.37m away from the board

Dartboards hang so that the bullseye is 1.73m (5ft 8in) from the floor. This should be at eye level for a person who is 6ft (1.83m) tall

How Darts Odds Work

If you haven’t gambled before, then you’ll be wondering how darts odds work? It’s quite simple really and we’re going to talk you through an example:

Two giants of darts, Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson, are playing. Van Gerwen is the betting favourite because his price is smaller. An $11 stake on him returns $21, which means $10 profit.

Anderson, meanwhile, is the outsider. A $4 wager makes $6 of profit as the return is $10 if he won.

Fractional prices instead of the decimal odds we’ve quoted are common on British-based sportsbooks. The American moneyline is something you may also encounter when looking for darts betting, and there’s more on how these compare in our odds calculator.


Darts Betting Options

There are plenty of different markets priced up when you’re looking for darts odds to bet on. Here are some of the most popular ones:

To win

As above, darts betting can be as simple as picking the winner of a match.

Correct score

Depending on the darts match in question, players need to win a certain number of sets, which in turn are based on winning legs. Correct score betting is much like in soccer or tennis.

Handicaps or Spread betting

As with other sports, darts lends itself to spread betting. Handicapping favourites with an imagined deficit to overturn can lead to bigger value.

Highest checkout

Which darts player will record the highest checkout in a match?

180 betting

The highest possible score from three darts is 180 (3x treble 20). A number of markets exist around this. Which player will get the most maximums in a match? What will the total 180s be? Who will score a maximum first?

Outright winner

As well as betting on individual darts matches, you can wager on futures markets for tournament wins.

Nine-dart finish

You can also bet on whether there will be a nine-dart finish in tournaments. This is because it’s still reasonably rare. You’re betting around yes or no.

To reach the final

Will your favourite darts player reach the final of a tournament? This bet pays out whether they go on to win the event or not.


When betting on darts or any sport, you want to feel like you’re getting value. That is where bonuses come in. Generally speaking, there are three different types:

Welcome Bonus

Enhanced Odds

VIP Club

Mobile Darts Betting

Betting through mobile and digital devices is now commonplace. Betting sites have had to adapt to survive by catering for this ever-growing market. What are the benefits of mobile darts betting?

What is Darts Live Betting?

A Brief History of Darts

Returning to the theme of sporting background, here are some of the key dates from the history of professional darts:

The British Darts Organisation (BDO) is founded

The World Darts Federation (WDF) is founded

The BDO World Darts Championship is first held

Eric Bristow wins a record fifth BDO World Darts Championship at Lakeside in Surrey, England. The tournament has been held there ever since

Many high-profile figures in darts breakaway from the BDO and form the World Darts Council (WDC)

The WDC World Darts Championship is first held. Dennis Priestley wins and becomes the first man to land both that and the BDO world title

The World Matchplay is first held in Blackpool

The WDC is renamed the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)

Barry Hearn becomes chairman of the PDC

The UK Open is first held at Butlin’s Holiday Camp in Minehead

Premier League Darts starts. Unlike other major tournaments, it is held as a league format at first over several weeks and players are gradually eliminated

Dutch giant Raymond van Barneveld wins his fifth world title, and first in the PDC, after only switching from the BDO the previous year

Alexandra Palace in North London becomes the host venue of the PDC World Darts Championship

All-time great Phil Taylor wins a record 14th PDC World Darts Championship (and 16th in total)

Dominant Dutchman Michael van Gerwen wins his first world title

PDC World Championship debutant Rob Cross, who was only an amateur 11 months prior to the event, shocked the field to win his maiden title


That is everything from this guide with darts betting advice. We’re sure you’ll agree this great sport is going from strength to strength and has tons to offer from a gambling perspective.

If you have any questions or want to check something, then our FAQs section below has all the answers.


Betting on darts is simple. Find the match or tournament you want to bet on through the betting site you have an account with. Now add your fancied wager to the betslip and enter your stake. Place the bet, then wait and see if it wins.

Our experts have only included the top rated and best darts betting sites on this page.

Mobile darts betting exists and, yes, you can bet through your smartphone or tablet on it.

The most popular darts odds and bet types people wager on include:

Yes. Darts betting in USA is completely legal.

Live betting, also called in-play betting, is available on darts. These are odds you can bet on during a match which update as each and every dart is thrown. Live betting differs from regular fixed odds which cease when a game begins.

Spread betting are brackets within which a favourite should still win despite an imagined deficit created by odds compilers. Also known as handicap betting, underdogs can have theoretical advantages too.

Darts is one of the many sports to have spread betting. A winning bet is said to have covered the spread or handicap.