Davis Cup Tennis Betting Guide for 2021

The Davis Cup is an elite team tennis tournament where players represent their country. This is our guide to gambling on it.

What Davis Cup betting advice do we have in store for you? Here are the highlights of what’s on this page:

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An Introduction to the Davis Cup

Before we launch into our guide on Davis Cup betting in USA, here are some key facts about the event:

The first Davis Cup match took place in 1900

It is a team tennis event for male players

Women have their own equivalent of the Davis Cup, called the Fed Cup

A captain, usually a retired tennis pro, picks a squad of four or five players to compete

These then play another country’s team in a series of matches, featuring both singles (four) and doubles contests (one)

Extensive qualifying and playoffs happen for the Davis Cup based on geographical regions

The finals format involves seedings for a World Group, the top nations based on International Tennis Federation (ITF) rankings

Each Davis Cup finals group has three teams in it. After they have played the three possible matches, the country with the best record tops the table and goes on to the quarter-finals

Also advancing to the knockout stage are the two best runners-up from the six finals groups

Although Davis Cup ties used to be played throughout the season, the finals have now moved to the end of the season

How Davis Cup Odds Work

With the basics out of the way, let’s get down to business. How do Davis Cup odds work? Let’s work through an example:

USA are playing Great Britain in a Davis Cup tie and one of the singles matches pits Milos Raonic against Andy Murray. The latter is the favourite to win their rubber, because his price is shorter.

If you bet $10 Murray at those odds and he wins, then you will make $11 profit. Your total return on the wager is $21.

Raonic, meanwhile, is the outsider. An $8 bet on him returns $23, which is $15 of profit, should he defeat Murray.

In order to illustrate Davis Cup odds to you, we’ve used decimal odds. The American moneyline system may be on some sportsbooks, not to mention fractional prices. Our odds calculator below shows you how to compare these:


Davis Cup Betting Options

Now you know how tennis odds work, what Davis Cup betting options and type of wager can you place? Here are some of the most popular:

Match winner

You can bet on the winner of all individual Davis Cup matches.

Correct score

What will the scoreline be in sets of a Davis Cup match?

Set winner

Which player or doubles pair will win a set of Davis Cup tennis?

Set scoreline

What will the precise score of a certain set of tennis be? You can bet around both the player(s) winning the set and just on the set result without including them.

Tiebreak in match?

Will there be a tiebreak at any point in a Davis Cup rubber? You are betting around yes and no.

Tie winner

Besides betting on individual Davis Cup matches, you can wager on which country will win the tie overall?

Group winner

Which competing Davis Cup countries will win the group they’re contesting?

Outright winner

And finally, which country will go all the way and lift the Davis Cup?

What is Davis Cup Live Betting?

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We hope our guide to Davis Cup betting in USA has helped you. This terrific tennis tournament puts teamwork at the fore and that’s great to see.

If you’re looking for even more Davis Cup betting advice, then our FAQs section has it. Check out answers to things many people wonder about the event below.


The Davis Cup is a team tennis tournament for male professionals.

These Davis Cup odds are regularly wagered on by bettors:

Our experts have shortlisted the best Davis Cup betting sites for you, and you’ll find out what they are on this page.

Yes, Davis Cup betting is available for mobile audiences.

Davis Cup live betting is where you bet on matches while they are happening.

Sportsbook traders constantly update odds as the action unfolds on court.