French Open Tennis Betting Guide for 2021

The French Open tennis at Roland Garros is one of the highlights of the annual sporting calendar. This is our detailed guide to it.

French Open betting in USA attracts particular attention because of the heritage that country shares as a former colony of France. You’ll find the following on this page:

Top Tennis Betting Sites for United States Players

An Introduction to the French Open Tennis

Our guide to French Open betting kicks off with some important basic facts about the tournament:

It is the only Grand Slam in tennis currently played on clay courts (since 1908)

Roland Garros in Paris has been home to the French Open since 1928

It was the first Grand Slam since the Open Era began in 1968

The men’s and women’s singles tournaments occur at the same time as the doubles and mixed doubles

As with other Grand Slams, the draws are seeded to prevent top tennis players from meeting until the latter stages of the tournament

Extensive qualifying takes place in the weeks leading up to the French Open for players ranked below those seeded

Its place in the annual tennis calendar is over the last week of May and first week in June

Matches involving men only are first to three sets, while women only and mixed doubles are the best of three

A player must win at least four points and be two points clear of their opponent to win a game, and win at least six games, by two, for a set. If the score reaches 6-6 in the set, a tiebreak game must be played.

There is no tiebreak if a tennis match at Roland Garros goes to a deciding set

How French Open Odds Work

So, how does French Open odds and tennis betting in general work? The most common way of gambling on events at Roland Garros is to pick the winner of one of the many matches.

In this above example of a French Open match, Nadal is the favourite to win. Not surprising really, as he’s won the tournament more times than any other player.

King of clay Nadal is a very short price indeed. For every C$11 staked on him, you receive C$4 in profit. Your total return betting here would be C$15.

Federer, meanwhile, is the outsider. For every C$2 wagered, you end up with C$7 returns. There means there’s C$5 profit in a bet on him.

To illustrate how French Open odds work, we’ve used decimal prices. You may also encounter the American money line system in USA.

Fractions which are popular in the UK are another form of expressing them. For more on comparing different types of odds, see our odds calculator.


French Open Betting Options

Knowing what the popular forms of French Open betting are can also be useful. Let’s take a look at some:

As discussed above, betting on who will win a tennis match at the French Open is very common.

You are predicting the exact scoreline in sets for a given match between two players or doubles pairs.

Which player or doubles pair will win a particular set?

Will there be a tiebreak in the tennis match in question? It’s yes or no.

Can you predict what the exact score of a specific set will be? Betting can either specify the winning player or just the scoreline.

Away from betting on tennis matches, there are futures markets available on Grand Slam tournaments like the French Open. A popular form of this is picking out when a player will be eliminated from the draw.

Which player will go all the way and win the French Open?

Betting is also available on which players will go all through to the draw and make the final. Winning the tournament isn’t necessary to receive a payout.

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The French Open tennis is a Grand Slam level tournament that takes place over two weeks at the clay courts of Roland Garros in Paris. It takes place towards the end of May and beginning of June each year.

To recap, some of the most popular French Open betting types are:

We only list the top French Open betting sites on this page. You’re in the perfect place to discover what these are.

You can bet on all the French Open tennis through mobile and across other digital platforms and devices.

Live betting allows you to gamble on French Open tennis matches while they are actually happening. Markets and odds are kept constantly up to date in reaction to what happens on court.