Greyhounds Betting Guide for 2021

Greyhounds Betting Guide for 2021

If you are interested in horse racing, online greyhound betting could be right up your street. Although greyhound racing is not legislated in USA, there is plenty of top-class international racing to bet on. In this sports betting guide, you'll discover:

Top Dog Racing Betting Sites for United States Players

How we Review the Best Greyhounds Betting Sites

An attractive welcome bonus when signing up and other offers which give value to all customers

Secure betting environment with encrypted servers to protect your account

Varied international greyhounds odds and betting from different countries

Friendly and helpful customer service available 24/7 in many forms

Fully licensed sportsbook given official recognition by United States gambling authorities for the region

How to Sign Up to a Greyhounds Betting Site

Visit one of the best greyhounds betting sites that we recommend

On the homepage there should be a 'register' or 'sign up' button

Once clicked, a registration form should appear and you fill in your personal details

Besides providing an email address, you'll need to come up with a password or pin number for your betting account

Usernames and security questions and answers may be options that give you extra security

Make sure you enter any promo code given before completing registration, as this could be required to activate the welcome bonus

Agree to the sportsbook terms and conditions. You may also need to verify you're of the legal age to bet in USA

How Greyhound Odds Work

Don't worry if you have never gambled on greyhound racing, as we will explain how it works and walk you through an example of greyhound odds below:

Six greyhounds line-up for a race. Sportsbooks work alongside on-course bookmakers at racetracks in this sport. That means early greyhounds betting prices aren't available.

Odds are based on how much money is gambled on each greyhound. This is called pool or pari-mutuel betting.

We've used decimal odds as they are most popular way of expressing greyhounds betting in USA. You may also see fractional prices on British-based sportsbooks.


Greyhounds Betting Options

Greyhounds odds can be wagered based on which animal will win.

You can also bet on greyhounds to finish first or second in a race. This is known as a place bet. The odds will be smaller than an outright win.

Many British-based greyhounds betting sites offer each-way bets. These are two wagers in one where you are backing both for an outright win and for a place.

The difference between each-way bets and a place bet are subtle. You get the outright win price on half of your total stake and a fraction of that, usually a quarter, on two places on the other.

C$5 each-way

The win part pays C$65 (C$60 profit)
and a quarter of the odds on a place.
That is 4.00, so you get another C$20
return (C$15 profit). Your total money back on the C$10 bet is C$85.

A more complex wager involves picking two greyhounds in the same race to finish first and second in a given order. This is called an exacta in North America, but also known as a forecast in other English-speaking countries.

to finish second
in an exacta.

Exactas or forecasts don't have to include a specific order as you can back the two greyhounds to either finish first or second. This is called a quinella in North America, but a reverse forecast elsewhere in the world.

As a quinella is two bets in one, to cover both possible permutations, you are guaranteed to lose at least half your stake. The winnings on the other outcome if successful should offset that though.

in a

You can even go a stage further and pick three greyhounds to finish first, second and third in a specific order. While this is called a trio in the UK and Ireland, and tricast globally, United States betting terminology refers to this wager as a triactor.

There is greater potential

Greyhounds Betting Guide for 2021
for such a bet to lose, but the rewards are potentially huge.

Similar to the quinella, a trio all-ways has your three selected greyhounds to finish first, second and third in any order. You are covering six possible permutations for a race with this bet.

Only one outcome can be a winner, so at least five finishing order will be wrong and definitely lose.

If you're feeling really lucky, then you can bet on two or more greyhounds races in the same wager. Depending on the number of legs to a multiple bet, you can win big as odds multiply from one race winner to the next.

The pick six jackpot is a popular form of multiple, but it's a daunting challenge finding six consecutive winning greyhounds.

For instance, a C$1 treble at odds of
3.00, 5.00 and 4.00 returns
C$60 (C$59 profit).


Getting extra value is what everyone wants when gambling. The best greyhounds betting sites will offer these three different types of bonus:

Welcome Bonus

Enhanced Odds

VIP Club

Mobile Greyhounds Betting

The world of sports betting has undergone big changes in recent years. One major development is mobile technology, but what are the benefits of it for bettors?

Sports Guides

A Brief History of Greyhounds

For as long as there have been races, greyhounds betting has existed. This is a brief history of the sport:

A greyhound race on a straight racetrack is tried for the first time

The artificial and mechanical hare, called a lure, is developed

Owen Patrick Smith opens the first professional dog racing track in North America complete with stands in Emeryville, California

United States solider Major Lyne-Dixson helps to found the Greyhound Racing Association (GRA)

The first GRA backed British greyhound racing event takes place at Belle Vue in Manchester, England

On-course greyhounds betting is revolutionized by the introduction of pool/pari-mutuel betting through the Tote

Greyhounds Australasia which governs the sport in Australia and New Zealand is founded

Greyhound racing reaches peak popularity in the British Isles with annual Tote turnover close to £200 million

White City dog track, which had hosted all but one English Greyhound Derby to date, closes

Greyhound racing is to be phased out in the US state of Florida. This is one of around 40 states in America that have banned the sport

An Introduction to Greyhounds

Greyhound racing does take place in USA, but is unregulated and therefore betting is not strictly legal

However, there is nothing to stop you from getting involved in international greyhounds betting

The sport has a cult following in other English-speaking countries

Greyhound racing has its origins in hare coursing, but an artificial and mechanical lure is used nowadays

Depending on the country and race, six, eight or even nine greyhounds chase the lure mounted on a rail around an oval racetrack to the finishing line

A race starts when greyhounds line-up in traps and are released. Each different numbered trap has a corresponding colour co-ordinated jersey

These colours relating to numbers are uniform within a country

Before a greyhound is allowed to race, it must be identified using its ID card

If a greyhound's weight does not fall within the standard range, then it may be refused permission to race

Championship races known as greyhound derbies exist and, in order to get into them, animals must qualify


The best way to be on greyhounds is through a reliable, well-known sportsbook. Our recommended sites, such as Betway sports and 888sport, provide exactly this. They also have top quality customer support if you require assistance.

You can make money betting on greyhounds, but it is important to have a staking plan in place. No one can win every race they bet on, and this is why a staking plan can help you monitor your gambling.

Greyhound betting in USA on events within the country are not regulated. However, there is nothing to stop United Statess from betting on greyhound racing in other countries.

Yes, of course. You can bet on greyhounds online via your mobile or tablet through our recommended sportsbooks.