Italian Serie A Soccer Betting Guide for 2021

Welcome to our Serie A betting guide on the premier division in Italian soccer. It’s one of the most watched leagues in Europe.

A slice of sporting dolce vita is available for you via Serie A betting in USA. Here’s what you can expect on this page:

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An Introduction to Serie A

Italy is home to classical arts and culture, but sporting drama also. Without further ado, here are our top 10 facts about Serie A:

Like the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and many other top European divisions, Serie A has 20 teams competing in it

These all play one another home and away in the course of the season

The team with the most points at the end of the season win Serie A, or the Scudetto as the Italian league championship is also known

Finishing in the top four qualifies a Serie A club for a place in the following season’s UEFA Champions League

Fifth and sixth place go into the UEFA Europa League

Teams that finish in the bottom three are directly relegated to Serie B

The top two teams in Serie B replace those relegated from Serie A

Serie B teams that finish the regular season between third and eighth enter a series of playoffs for the final spot in Serie A

If two teams are level on points in the final table, then their head-to-head record against one another is used to separate them and then head-to-head goal difference

Overall goal difference and goals scored are other tiebreakers, but if two teams still can’t be separated for the title, European qualification or relegation lots are drawn

How Serie A Odds Work

You might be new to betting and taking your first steps. If that's the case, then we explain here how Serie A odds work in their most basic form. Here's a typical match result betting market from Italian soccer:

In this example, Juventus are the betting favourites. For every C$11 staked on them, there's C$8 of profit to be had making a total return of C$19.

Betting on a draw or tie is common in soccer. A C$6 wager on the final score being level here generates returns of C$10 - C$4 of which is profit.

If you fancy Inter Milan to win the game, then an C$8 bet wins C$13 meaning your returns C$21.

Odds can be expressed in decimal form like this example or using the American money line system with plus and minus signs. Some sportsbooks even use British fractions for prices. Check out our odds calculator below for further details:


Serie A Betting Options

When it comes to Serie A odds, certain markets and types of wager are more popular than others. Here are some of the most common explained:

As you can see above, the most basic bet on offer is who will win the match. Either team or a draw are the possible outcomes.

How many goals will there be in a game? You can either bet on these exactly or using the Under/Over brackets specified on sportsbooks.

When one team are strong favourites, they will be a short price in the match winner betting. Sportsbooks often set handicap or spread margins in such cases.

These are imaginary deficits for the fancied team to overturn or advantages for the betting underdogs to hold on to.

This bet combines a traditional match winner wager with whether or not both teams will score a goal.

Can either team win a match without conceding a goal?

Away from Serie A betting on matches, there are some futures markets for long-term investments if you’re prepared to be patient. Backing a soccer player to finish the season as the top goalscorer is very popular.

Finishing in the top four of Serie A guarantees qualification for the following season's UEFA Champions League. You can bet on which teams will do that.

Betting on who will be crowned champions of Italian soccer is another popular futures market.

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What is Serie A Live Betting?

Serie A betting in USA has a live element to it:

Serie A Timeline

Serie A is created with a round robin format. Previous editions of the Italian league championship involved different regional mini-leagues

Torino become the first team to win the Serie A and Coppa Italia double in the same season

Silvio Piola sets the record for most Serie A goals with 274

Inter Milan become the first team to win Serie A and the European Cup double in the same season

The Totonero match fixing scandal is uncovered, leading to a two-year ban for Serie A star striker Paolo Rossi

Diego Maradona helps Napoli win their only Serie A title to date

Many Serie A stadia are used as Italy hosts the FIFA World Cup finals

AC Milan also complete the Serie A and UEFA Champions League double in the same season

For the first time since 1952, Serie A is increased to 20 teams

Juventus are found guilty of match fixing, stripped of the Scudetto and demoted from Serie A

Paolo Maldini sets the record for most Serie A appearances with 647 games played in a glittering 24-year first-team career with AC Milan

Inter Milan record an unprecedented treble of Serie A, Coppa Italia and UEFA Champions League successes all in the same season

Juventus set the record for most points in a Serie A season with 102, also winning a record 33 out of 38 matches

Roma icon Francesco Totti retires after 25 years in the first-team

Juventus win a record eighth consecutive Scudetto and 35th Serie A title


That's about all from our guide to Serie A betting in USA. You should now be equipped with everything you need to get started on your Italian soccer gambling experience.

If you're after even more Serie A betting advice, then our FAQs section below should hold the answers!


Serie A is the premier soccer league in Italy.

Common wagers placed using Serie A odds are:

You can find out what the best Serie A betting sites are by looking at our list of top casinos on this page!

You can indeed.

Live or in-play Serie A betting is a range of markets available only when a soccer match is actually happening. They react and change constantly as the action unfolds.