MLB Betting Guide for USA

MLB Betting Guide for US

Major League Baseball (MLB) is officially the second most profitable sports league in the world in terms of revenue, behind only the NFL. There is also particular MLB betting interest in USA, with two-time World Series champions Toronto Blue Jays being the sole team from the country.

Read on as our guide will take you through MLB’s best bets, betting sites, as well as how to read odds and more.

Best MLB Betting Sites in 2021

How MLB Odds Work

We’ll take you through how to read MLB odds. Depending on which odds format you wish to use – decimal (most common in USA), American moneyline or fractional – our MLB betting calculator below will convert and display how much you can profit with certain bets:


MLB Best Bets & Betting Options

We’ll now go through what the best MLB bets are and how to bet on MLB games with examples:


The MLB moneyline is the most common market in baseball betting, as it is simply which team will win a game.

For example: Toronto Blue Jays (2.35) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (1.62). The Blue Jays’ higher decimal odds make them the underdogs against the Dodgers.

Run line / Spreads

To even the playing field, sportsbooks handicap the more skilled team by forcing them to win by a certain number of points in order to win the bet.

If the Blue Jays are listed at -1.5, for example, it means they’re the favourites and must win by two or more points for the bet to win.

The difference between a run line and point spread is that a run line almost always has a handicap of 1.5.

Prop Bets

Proposition bets are special wagers offered by the sportsbook and include lots of different bets.

Some examples include: Last team to score, first team to score and win the game, most hits in a game and who will have the lead after a certain number of innings.

Over / Under

A sportsbook sets a line and you bet on whether the outcome will be more or less than the line. The most common MLB over/under bet is on the total number of runs from both teams.

Futures Bets

MLB futures odds consist of markets that are available preseason and throughout the season. Odds for each will fluctuate across the year depending on whoever is eliminated or looking unlikely to qualify/win.

Popular futures bets include: MLB World Series winner, Division winner, American/National League winners and who’ll reach the playoffs etc.


To create some of the biggest odds, you can tailor your own bet which is called an MLB parlay bet or accumulator.

This is when you can combine bets on two or more teams winning each of their games for an even bigger payout. Just remember

MLB Betting Guide for US
that if one of your selections lose, then the whole bet loses.

Live Betting

Another great option for baseball fans is MLB live betting. This is a feature that most top sportsbooks offer, usually in a separate section on the site.

You can make regular bets but while a game is in-play. Odds will fluctuate often, and it means you can often find more enticing odds if you fancy a team to comeback. You can bet on unique markets too, such as: who’ll win the next innings.

MLB Betting Tips

When MLB sports betting online, players from USA can choose from a wide variety of odds offered on the most and least favourite teams of any match. If you are betting on the most favourite, you normally need to place a bet that is higher than C$110 to be able to win at least a Bordon.

Most avid online players will use multiple options and strategies to maximize their possibilities of winning. We suggest that you also give this a try, and combining different bets can sometimes be even more profitable.

We also suggest that you keep an eye out for new and regularly updated odds on your selected sites. You can check out our MLB sportsbook reviews to find the best one suited to you. These will be constantly updated depending on a team’s performance, new fixtures, big games and so on.

It is always better to place bets when there are favourable odds, and you will definitely become quickly accustomed to how these work once you give it a try.

More on Baseball Betting


The regular 2021 MLB season began on April 1 and is set to end on October 3. The World Series is scheduled for October 26 until November 3, if it goes to Game 7.

Our expert sports team has picked out the below as being the best MLB betting sites:

All you need to do is create a free account on one of our recommended top MLB betting sites to start playing. You’ll have to enter your personal information and validate your account, then make a deposit to start betting.

Look out for any welcome bonus offers such as match bonuses, free bets and no deposit bonuses, that you can use towards betting.

Online sport betting USA players have the option of placing a wide range of bets, including the moneyline, run line, over/under, innings bets, props, futures and more.

The MLB betting line is when the sportsbook determines who is the favourite or underdog. This can apply to moneyline and run line/points spread betting where there are two options per market.

Yes, if you do your research each week you have a better chance of beating the bookies. Sportsbooks hold a slight average win rate advantage, so if you feel you are losing more than you can afford then stop gambling.

It is best to bet small on favourable markets to increase your chances of winning. You can gain bigger odds on small bets with MLB parlays and futures bets in particular.