MLB World Series Betting Guide for 2021

For baseball fans in USA and the United States, the World Series is the highlight of the season.

Two teams meet in a best-of-seven clash to decide who joins the sport’s roll of honour. Most sportsbooks now make it easy to wager on the baseball event known as the Fall Classic.

In this guide we’ll give you information on:

Top Baseball Betting Sites for United States Players

An Introduction to the World Series

The World Series is the annual championship decider in Major League Baseball (MLB). Dating back to 1903, it pits the winners of the National League and American League against each other in a best-of-seven showdown.

There are 30 teams in MLB, 29 in the United States and one, the Toronto Blue Jays, in USA

Teams play 162 games in the regular season

The best five in each league advance to the post-season tournament

The top two in each league meet in the Championship Series

The qualifiers then advance to the World Series

Home field advantage is determined by their regular season records

The first side to win four matches wins the World Series

How MLB World Series Odds Work

You will find a variety of ways to bet on the World Series when you visit a baseball betting site.

To show you how the odds work, let’s take as an example the most straightforward market – who’s going to win the World Series? The odds, expressed as decimals, could read:

For every C$10 you stake on Boston Red Sox, the favourite, you win C$18. If you put C$10 on LA Dodgers, the underdog, you can win C$21.

It’s worth remembering that odds can also be expressed in other ways, such as fractional and moneyline (also called American) odds.

However, most modern sportsbooks give you the choice of the format you want to see your odds in. Have a look at our Odds Calculator to see how they compare.


World Series Betting Options

Series winner

This is the simplest wager to strike on the World Series. You simply have to decide which side you think will win.

Total runs – over or under

How many runs do you think the teams will score in total? The sportsbook will set a number, which is usually somewhere between six and nine. If you think there will be fewer runs, you go under. if you think it will be a high-scoring affair, the overs are for you.

First five innings

Most sportsbooks will offer you the chance to bet on the outcome of the first five innings of the game. This is a popular bet because you can be virtually sure the starting pitchers will be on the mound.

Run line bets

This is a popular handicap baseball bet. If you think one side will win by a wide margin, you give the other side 1.5 extra points.

Prop bets

Proposition bets, to give them their full name, are on outcomes not related to the result of the game. You can bet on how many hits a batter will have, or how many strike-outs a pitcher will record.

To win the division

If you have a strong suspicion that one team are a shoo-in for their five-team division, this is for you.

To win the league

The longer in advance you make a wager on this market, the better the odds you are likely to get.

To win the World Series

Before the first pitch of the season is delivered, there will be odds displayed for the World Series – several months away.

What is MLB World Series Live Betting?

Brief Timeline of The World Series

Boston Americans win the first World Series 5-3 against Pittsburgh Pirates

Following a boycott by the owner of New York Giants, the World Series is not played

The infamous Chicago Black Sox scandal, as several White Sox players conspire with bookmakers to throw the World Series against Cincinnati Reds

New York Yankees, inspired by the incomparable Babe Ruth, beat Pittsburgh Pirates 4-0 to win the World Series

For the seventh time in 10 years, both teams in the Series are from New York as the Yankees beat Brooklyn Dodgers 4-3

A year after moving to Los Angeles, the Dodgers become the first West Coast team to win the Series, beating Chicago White Sox 4-2

Minnesota Twins become the first team to win all four games they host as they defeat St Louis Cardinals 4-3

Kirk Gibson, batting with an injury, hits an unlikely home run to help LA Dodgers beat Oakland Athletics 4-1

Toronto Blue Jays bring World Series glory to USA for the second year running

The World Series is cancelled because of a players’ strike

Boston Red Sox beat St Louis Cardinals 4-0 to win the World Series for the first time since 1918

New York Yankees defeat Philadelphia Phillies 4-2 to win their record 27th World Series, 16 more than second-placed St Louis Cardinals

Recent World Series winners


The World Series is one of the biggest dates on the sporting calendar in the United States and USA. Millions of fans tune in every year to enjoy what is known as the Fall Classic.

For baseball bettors, it also offers a huge variety of ways to gain extra involvement in the action. With mobile ownership now so widespread in USA, it’s become easy to make a wager.

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The annual climax to the professional baseball season in the United States and USA. It is played between the winners of the National League and American League.

Many baseball bettors enjoy betting on the run line, to get better odds about a side they believe will win emphatically.

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Even after the action starts, you can continue to play. Sportsbooks now offer odds that change as the match swings from one side to another. There are a variety of ways to get involved.