NFL Betting Guide for 2021

New to NFL betting? Or looking improve your winning chances? We’ve got you covered. NFL football is considered to be the No.1 sport to bet on across the globe, and there are many opportunities for you to win big.

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Top NFL Betting Sites in 2021

Introduction to the NFL

The NFL, and football in general, unites fans, players and communities with a simple yet powerful bond. People pour their hearts, soul and even money into the game.

It takes 17 weeks to get to the best weekend of NFL football, the Super Bowl (aka America’s most popular sports betting event of the year). Here’s what you need to know about the NFL:

There are 32 NFL teams. Matches feature two teams at a time and the teams with the most points after four 15-minute quarters win.

The NFL is split geographically into two conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

Each conference is separated into 4 divisions (8 all together) which consist of 4 teams, North, South, East and West.

The NFL’s regular season runs from September to January. Teams play a total of 16 games with one bye-week so the season stretches 17 weeks.

Teams in the same conference will play each other twice. Once at home and once away (6 games).

Teams play other teams outside of their conference in a rotation of every 4 years. This makes up 8 games. The last two games are determined by a team’s same finish in their division (ex. 3rd place plays against another 3rd place).

The division winner with the best record is given the top seed, then the 2nd best record is given the 2nd seed and so on. Wildcard teams are always 5th and 6th.

The playoff rounds are split across three weekends in January: 1. Wildcard Weekend 2. Divisional Round 3. Conference Championship.

If a team makes it to the Conference Championship, then the 2 champions from that weekend will move on to the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl takes place the first Sunday in February where the 2 best teams in the league will battle it out for the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy.

How do NFL Odds Work?

Before you decide to do NFL betting on games and the Super Bowl, it’s important to understand how to read odds first. Here are some NFL betting tips and examples you’ll need to know to get started:

Here, the Seattle Seahawks are betting favourites with a wage of C$110 to win C$100.

Those who took Seattle would need them to win by six or more points. Others who bet on Atlanta would need them to either win the game outright or lose the game by five or fewer points. If the score is 32-38 to Seattle, then that team covered the spread and won the contest.

If you win then you get your C$110 wager back plus the C$100 that you won for a total of C$210.

Top NFL betting sites will allow United States bettors to compare different prices. Check with our odds calculator to see how much you could win:


What are the Top NFL Betting Options?

Match Bets

Who will be the outright winner of the NFL game? The Houston Texas are to beat the Kansas City Chiefs at 2.73. If you were to bet C$100 on the Texans you would win C$173 plus your original C$100 for a total of C$273.

The favourite is always indicated by the minus sign. So, in this scenario, Las Vegas is favoured, and Carolina is considered the underdog. Carolina needs to cover the spread by losing less than 9 points for Vegas to win the contest.

If the final score ended up 40-31 Las Vegas, all bettors would receive their original bet back and this wager would be considered a PUSH.

Also known as the spread, handicaps give one side a point advantage. For example, Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota with +3.5 points handicap at 1.92.

The bettor wagers on whether or not the total points scored in a game will fall over or under a predetermined number.

For example, if you wagered C$110 to win C$100 on the OVER at (1.91) and the final score was 24-20 (44 total), you would be awarded C$100. If the final score ends up 23-20 (43 total) all bettors who bet the OVER or UNDER receive their bets back and this is labeled a PUSH.

Betting one half can be a faster/different way to win a wager that doesn’t include the stress of a full NFL game.

For example, if Arizona was losing in the first half 14-10 since they are +4.5, a bettor would win their bet no matter what happened in the second half of the game.

Futures Bets

NFL Prop bets include a player’s stats, a coin toss or even the colour of Gatorade poured on the winning team.

For this one, Patrick Mahomes wins Most Valuable Player at 4.5.

Joe Burrow has a high chance to be Offensive Rookie of the Year at 3.5.

You can start placing your bets at any time on who will make it to the championship games. The Kansas City Chiefs could be crowned Super Bowl champs at 7.

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NFL History Timeline

The American Professional Football League is formed consisting of four teams: Akron Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Indians and Dayton Triangles.

The league name is changed to the National Football League (NFL).

NFL draft is established by Philadelphia Eagles owner Bert Bell who then became the NFL Commissioner.

The Super Bowl is established along with the AFC and NFC.

First time ABC televised a Monday night primetime game. The Jets fall to the Browns 31-21.

Considered the best draft class in history because the Steelers drafted four Hall of Famers: Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, John Stallworth and Mike Webster.

Instant replay is passed to help referees out with specific calls in games.

Super Bowl XXV was the closest Super Bowl game in history. Giants defeat the Bills 20-19.

NFL Network was created to give fans as much football as they want.

The COVID-19 pandemic affects the start of the 2020 NFL Season.

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NFL Betting FAQs

The National Football League (NFL) is the highest professional American football league consisting of 32 teams. It is divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC).

Sports betting is legal in USA as long as you are of legal gambling age in your province and playing at legit sportsbooks that are based offshore.

Popular NFL bets include:

Our expert team has reviewed and rated the best sportsbooks to bet on the NFL. Our top 5 are:

Oh Yes! You can download most of the sites in your app store for free for easier access to gaming.

NFL live betting is a lot more exciting because you are betting on the live-action as it unfolds. The odds change minute by minute.

There’s no point spread with a moneyline bet. Bettors are simply just picking the winning side. If the bettor chooses correctly, then the sportsbook will pay the amount due.