NFL Playoffs Betting Guide for 2021

The end-of-season playoffs are the culmination of every NFL season. The top teams across the sport pit themselves against each other with the ultimate aim of reaching, and winning, the Super Bowl.

Football has a global reach and appeal, and this is highlighted by the fact that online football betting is very popular for a host of markets.

In this guide we'll tell you:

Top Football Betting Sites for United States Players

An Introduction to the NFL Playoffs

If you’re a relatively new fan of the NFL playoffs and are still getting your head around how this exciting sport works, never fear. We’ve covered everything in our introductory guide to the NFL playoffs.

The NFL is made up of two conferences, the AFC and NFC, each with 16 teams

Both conferences have four divisions

The champions of each division all advance to the playoffs

They are joined by two wildcards from each conference, teams apart from divisional winners with the best overall record

The teams face off in a single-elimination knockout tournament

That process produces overall winners of the AFC and NFC

Those sides then meet on neutral territory in the Super Bowl

How NFL Playoffs Odds Work

Placing bets on the NFL playoffs is no different to wagering on regular season games.

For example, with a game between New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars, the odds may be written as:

This means that, for every C$6 you stake on the Patriots, the favourites, you win C$4. Alternatively, if you place a bet of C$4 on the Jaguars, the underdogs, you win C$5.

Here, the odds have been expressed as decimals, but they can also be displayed in fractional or moneyline (also known as American) odds.

You will usually be given the option of how you would like to see prices on the majority of sportsbook sites, but it’s worth taking a look at our useful Odds Calculator to see how they compare.


NFL Playoffs Betting Options

Game Bets

You’re betting on the point margin between two teams. The favourite, shown with a minus sign, must beat the opposing team by the handicap set by the sportsbook. Meanwhile, the underdog, shown with a plus sign, must either close the point spread or win outright.

No handicaps this time. You simply need to choose which team will be the victor of the game

The better needs to decide whether the total number of points scored in the game will be ‘over’ or ‘under’ the listed total of points provided by the sportsbook.

It’s very simple: who do you think will score the first touchdown?

You can bet on their display, including passing, receiving or rushing yards.

Season Bets

Which NFL teams do you believe will win a division? The sooner you place your bet, the greater your return should be as the odds are almost always bigger.

If you think one team is a shoo-in for its conference, you can bet on this in advance, too.

All right, so you reckon your favourites can go all the way and join the list of Super Bowl winners. Time to get an early bet on.

What is NFL Playoffs Live Betting?

Brief NFL Playoffs Timeline

The first organised American football games take place

For the first time, the top two teams play off to decide the season’s winners

The champions of each conference meet in an NFL Championship Game

Green Bay Packers win Super Bowl I

The NFL expands to 16 teams, with the conferences each split into two four team divisions

The four divisional champions meet in the NFL playoffs

The playoffs expand to include eight teams

The total number of playoff teams rises to 10

Pittsburgh Steelers win their fourth Super Bowl of the 1970s

Two more wild cards are added, bringing the number of playoff teams to 12

Buffalo Bills lose in the Super Bowl for the fourth year running

New England Patriots win the Super Bowl for the first time

New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl, less than five years after Hurricane Katrina devastated their city

New England Patriots win their sixth Super Bowl – all since the turn of the century

Recent Super Bowl champions


Betting on football playoffs in USA is enormously popular and increasingly easy to do. The vast majority of sportsbooks now offer you the chance to add to your engagement with sporting action by betting on it.

For more information on football betting in USA, see our homepage.


A post-regular season competition featuring the top 12 NFL teams. They meet in a series of single-elimination matches that culminates with the Super Bowl.

One of the most popular is the point spread, whereby supporters pit their wits against the sportsbook.

You can check out our list of recommended betting sites for wagering on the NFL playoffs further up this page.

We follow a strict list of criteria when rating online gambling sites. These include security, licensing, range of bets and bonuses.

Absolutely. You will find the majority of sportsbooks today have mobile apps that allow you to bet on your device before and during games.

Once the game has kicked off, you will be given the chance to bet on the live action, as well as the overall result of the game.