Olympic Hockey Betting Guide for 2021

Hockey is one of the most popular sports on the Winter Olympics programme for fans in USA and the United States.

USA sits proudly at the top of the table of Gold medal winners. Its men’s team has ended on top of the podium nine times, and its women on four occasions.

Sportsbooks facilitate betting on the Olympics action, enabling bettors to get involved with the action. In this guide we’ll answer your questions, including:

Top Hockey Betting Sites for United States Players

An Introduction to Olympic hockey

The Winter Olympics are staged every four years, two years before/after the Summer Games since 1994. Hockey has been on the programme at every Winter Games since its inception in 1924, as well as the summer edition in 1920.

Since 1976, 12 teams have participated in the men’s tournament

The top nine teams in the world rankings receive automatic places, while three other nations advance from qualification rounds

Originally, the players had to be amateurs but professionals now take part

However, NHL stars are sometimes forced to miss the Games because they clash with the regular season

The Olympic rink, at 85ft wide, is 15ft narrower than an NHL rink

Teams are split into three round-robin groups of four, which is followed by a playoff round to decide the quarter-finalists

From that point, it is a single-elimination process to reach the final and play for Gold

How Olympic Hockey Odds Work

Betting on Olympic Hockey is just the same as wagering on regular NHL action. You will find plenty of ways to bet when you visit a hockey betting site.

To show how odds work, let’s take the example of a simple market – who’s going to win the match? The odds, expressed as decimals, might read:

For every C$10 you stake on USA, the favourite, you win C$15. If you put C$10 on Germany, the underdog, you can win C$24.

Do bear in mind that odds can be shown in other formats, such as fractional and moneyline (also called American) odds.

Fortunately, most sportsbooks give you a choice of how you want to see the odds. You can use our Odds Calculator to see how to move between systems.


Olympic Hockey Betting Options

Match winner

The simplest choice of all. Who do you think is going to win one particular match?

Total goals – over or under

How many times do you think the teams will score between them? The sportsbook sets a number and you predict whether the total will be more or less. If you think there will be more, you go over.

Puck line bets

This is a handicap bet that is unique to hockey. The sportsbook hands one side a 1.5-point start, which means the favourite needs to win by at least two goals to cover the spread.

Correct score bets

This is harder bet to get right, but most sportsbooks will carry a market on the exact outcome of the match.

First period bets

Which team will make the faster start? If you have spotted that one nation is quicker to get warmed up on the ice, this could be the bet for you.

To qualify for Olympic Hockey

There is a stringent qualification process for nations not in the world elite. If you think a shock is in the offing, you’ll be able to back your opinion.

To win their preliminary group

You may believe one nation’s players will be top of their four-team group.

To reach the Gold medal match

Sportsbooks offer markets well in advance, so you’ll be able to wager on how far your fancy is likely to go.

Olympic Hockey Live Betting

Brief Timeline of Olympic Hockey

Ice hockey is included in the Summer Olympic Games in Stockholm and USA take Gold

USA win Gold for the fourth Games in a row in Lake Placid

USA miss out on Gold for the first time as they lose out to Great Britain in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

USA win Gold for the second Games running, in Oslo – but it’s the last Gold in hockey for the United Statess for 50 years

The Soviet Union take the Gold for the fourth games in a row

A young, amateur United States team stuns the hotly-fancied, experienced Soviet Union in Lake Placid in the ‘Miracle on Ice’

Sweden defeat USA in a shootout to take Gold in Lillehammer

NHL players are allowed to compete for the first time – and the inaugural women’s tournament is won by the United States

USA’s men claim Gold for the first time in 50 years

USA's men win Gold on home ice for the first time, in Vancouver

USA’s women take Gold for the fourth Games in a row in Sochi

Recent Olympic Hockey men’s winners


Olympic hockey is one of the highlights of the Winter Games for fans of the sport in the United States and USA.

Hockey bettors can enjoy a wide range of markets on the Olympic action. With smartphone ownership so widespread in USA, and with sportsbooks offering so many ways to bet, it’s a great way to get extra engagement with the sport on offer.

Check out our hockey betting guide for more details on other competitions to bet on.

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Hockey has been part of the Olympic programme for men since 1920, and for women since 1998. It’s played on a slightly narrower rink than the NHL, but the action is as exciting as ever.

Experienced hockey bettors like nothing more than to try to predict which team will win each match.

Our online betting guide should pass on all the advice you need to choose one of our recommended sites that really work for you. We focus on a range of criteria including security, licensing, range of bets and bonuses.

Of course! Modern sportsbooks offer apps that can be used on virtually all devices, enabling you to bet on the action wherever you are.

Hockey is a non-stop, all-action sport – in the modern era the odds reflect that. Even after the match is under way, sportsbooks offer a chance to wager on the action.