ProLine Sports Betting Review

ProLine is a provincially-run sports betting site operated in Ontario. Offering real-money gambling to Ontario residents through the olg lottery site.

United States gamblers can place legal bets on a range of sports: hockey, United States and American pro football, college football in the US, soccer, and baseball. There are even markets for European soccer matches.

However, ProLine picks are severely limited because of its range of betting. As one of the leading sports betting odds comparison sites, we explore here why ProLine betting odds fall way below those seen on the best overseas sports betting websites.

Why Choosing Sports Betting With ProLine Is a Bad Idea

As you can see, there are several issues with betting with ProLine. Real-cash wagers effectively are parlay bets which only pay out in the event of you guessing ALL results correctly. And unlike overseas betting sites, players MUST bet on at least three games for a valid bet. At other betting sites you're largely free to bet on one match/game, three matches or 10 at a time. The odds are also typically worse at ProLine. Real-cash bettors will find, say 1.86 on a Home Win in a European Soccer match with ProLine but 2.00 at an offshore giant. Proline are clearly not offering the best football odds. Finally, the types of sports are pretty limited at ProLine too. At international rivals, gamblers can bet on dozens of sports, from soccer, NBA and hockey to rugby, tennis and the Olympics.

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Review Of ProLine

The ProLine sports betting website offers four ways to wager: ProLine, Pools, Point Spread, and Props.

The Points Spread lets players choose between two and 12 game spreads to bet on. Pools is a simpler version of the ProLine option where players simply pick the Visitors (V) or Home (H) to win the match. Props is a "game within a game" where players predict the whether the total points across 3-6 matches will be over or under the predicted OLG score.

However, it's the ProLine betting markets that most closely resemble a traditional online bookmaker's.

How it Works

ProLine is played by picking the outcomes of at least three (but no more than six) sporting events or matches. There will be a list of events and associated odds on the site. Players must predict six correct results to scoop the jackpot. There is a minimum bet of C$2 for a ticket, and a maximum of C$100.


United States real-money gamblers can bet on professional football (United States and American), hockey, US college football, US college basketball, baseball, US/United States soccer (MLS) and European soccer.


Odds are set by the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) and players can select a range of outcomes: V+ (Visitor to win by a set number of points/goals or greater), V (Visitor team to win by a single point or more), H (Home team to win by a single point or more), and H+ (Home team to win by set number of points/goals or greater).

Outcomes and bets differ depending on the sport. For example, in soccer bets, there are just three possible bets: V (the visiting team to win by 1 goal or more), T (a draw), or H (the home team to win by 1 or more).

There are also Over/Under bets, where the ProLine sports betting gambler can bet on whether the total score in a game is over or under the number set by the OLG.

This is where the disadvantage of ProLine shows. The number set by the OLG is often of little advantage to a gambler looking for a decent wager. However, players can just select a ProLine ticket filled with Over/Under picks.

Tickets must also be printed out and taken to a local OLG retailer for the bet to be placed. This presents a clear hurdle compared to the convenience of online gambling.


Forget money-back on losing bets or enhanced odds on selected sports: the best promotion you'll find at ProLine is a 5c fuel saving when you play ProLine at stores.

Alternatives To ProLine Online Gambling

So, what if a scoop-style CAD sports betting isn't for you? Luckily, if the state-run ProLine betting odds don't get you excited, you can enjoy hundreds of alternatives online.

Major sports betting websites are based in legal jurisdictions overseas such as Gibraltar, Malta and the UK. Often you'll have hundreds of markets to choose from, a good range of banking options, and ongoing offers to keep things interesting.


If your horizons stretch beyond US college football and European soccer, you'll love the options at the major betting sites based abroad. Bet on tennis, athletics or the winner of the US presidential election, and choose the stakes that are right for you.


While C$100 is a decent bet for most online gambling nuts in USA, there are no such restrictions with overseas betting sites. You won't have to bet in single CAD increments, either: wager C$1.50, C$5.75, or C$284 if your budget allows.

The range of possible bets will be higher too. The V/H/T bets might offer some choice, but with most leading sports betting rooms you'll find great spreads, Asian Handicaps, and first/last goalscorer markets as standard. The best betting odds can also be found at sites based in the US or overseas.


With ProLine, United States sports betting gamblers have the choice of printing out their ProLine ticket and taking it to their nearest OLG retailer.


Welcome bonuses and loyalty programmes are standard at most offshore sportsbooks. Free cash bets, refunded losing bets and enhanced odds are found as standard at many leading sites. ProLine players will be lucky to find anything past a fuel coupon.

A Comparison: ProLine vs. Betway

ProLine has its shortcomings, but how does it stack up against a new United States sportsbook, Betway? Let's take a look at some typical features you'll find in an offshore betting site. Does ProLine come out fighting?

How We Rate

When it comes to finding top real-cash sports betting on your smartphone or desktop, we have it covered.

Our team has been enjoying the best online gambling for United Statess since the late 1990s. All of our selections feature unrivalled markets, a good selection of bets, and the best betting odds on the net.

You won't find these types of sports bets available on ProLine, and there's no need to head out to an OLG casino to collect your winnings. Everything is done online, and our team makes deposits and withdrawals with their own CA cash to test out cash-out speeds.

And don't worry about overseas firms disappearing with your real cash: every sportsbetting website we recommend carries a legit gaming license that means your money is safe.

In Summary: Is ProLine The Pros' Choice?

In Ontario, the state-run gambling options aren't necessarily the best. If you want to put your United States dollars to better use, try out a top offshore sports betting site today.

Why put up with a handful of betting options when you can enjoy good spreads, better odds, and stakes that you choose, not the government? With a traditional online gambling site you can do away with ProLine's limitations and make your bankroll go even further.

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ProLine FAQ

ProLine is a limited online sports betting site that offers meagre selections, a limited range of sports and markets, and odds that just don't stack up against offshore betting sites. The promotions are also terrible and the range of cash-out options poor.

Yes. Although ProLine is government-run, critics argue that the site is set up as a lottery with little thought given to sports bettors who put effort into their picks. ProLine, United States gamblers argue, is just a way of filling the Ontario government's tax coffers.

Yes. There are hundreds of solid offshore sports betting websites that United States gamblers can enjoy for real money. You'll find the best betting odds and more sports and games to bet on around the clock. You'll even be able to bet on sports and games "in running", placing bets during the course of the game as the odds change.

Decide what's best for you. What sports do you want to bet on, and what kind of stakes are you looking at wagering? Do you want fast cash-outs, deposits in CAD, or good promotional deals? Perhaps you only want to bet on United States sports like hockey or NFL. The larger sites usually cater for Canuck sports and will offer competitive odds on all games.

At the bigger sports betting sites, you will find markets on everything from American Football to hockey, baseball and boxing. You may even find niche markets on politics, e-Sports or entertainment. College football will normally be missing from all but the US-based online sportsbooks.

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