Super Bowl Betting Guide for 2021

Best Super Bowl Betting Sites in 2021

How to Bet on the Super Bowl

Follow these steps how to place a real money bet on the Super Bowl in USA…

Popular Types of Super Bowl Bets

You have plenty of betting options for NFL football’s grand finale, so what is the best Super Bowl bet? Here are some of the most popular:

Moneyline is the most common Super Bowl betting line. You are wagering on which team will win the game outright.

The favourite has the lower decimal odds shown out of the two teams.

Super Bowl spreads see betting traders set a handicap, so you are betting on the margin of victory or defeat.

The favourite must win by more than its handicap, while the underdog must lose by less than its imagined advantage or win for the bet to pay.

Will there be Over or Under a combined total of points scored by the two teams in the Super Bowl?

We’d recommend researching playoffs form and recent Super Bowl scorelines, such as Kansas City Chiefs beating San Francisco 49ers 31-20 last time out, before making this bet.

With Super Bowl prop bets, you are betting outcomes within the game other than which team will win. These relate to stats or individual player performances.

Good Prop bets for the Super Bowl include: Total Touchdown Passes, First Team to Score, Anytime Touchdown Scorer, Scoreless 1st Quarter, Team to Call 1st Timeout, and dozens more.

Super Bowl Futures are betting on the overall winner of the competition or award usually before and during the season. If you believe a team with good odds has a chance to win the Super Bowl, bet early before the odds shorten later in the season.

You’ll be able to bet on: Who will Win the Super Bowl, MVP, Rookie of the Year, Most Touchdowns etc.

Parlay Betting is when you wager on multiple markets (2 or more) that are combined into one bet. If all your picks come through, you’ll receive a large payout. However, if just one bet loses, then the whole parlay loses too and you win nothing.

Your parlay bets must also be across different games. So, you will be unable to make Super Bowl parlay bets alone. You’ll have to bet on another event too.

Read our guide on parlay betting.

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How Do Super Bowl Betting Odds Work?

Learning how to read odds is crucial. We'll take you through an example to illustrate how to work out Super Bowl bets:

In this moneyline example, the lower 1.44 odds for Kansas City make them favourites. You simply multiply the odds by the amount you stake to get your potential total returns.

So, if you bet C$10 on the Chiefs and they win, you would get C$14.40 in total including your stake. That’s a C$4.40 profit. San Francisco are betting underdogs with higher odds of 2.10, meanwhile. So, a C$10 bet generates C$11 profit if the 49ers win, which is a total return of C$21.

Use our Super Bowl odds calculator below to try examples out for yourself:


Super Bowl Betting Tips

It is worth seeing how dominant a team has been during the regular season and playoffs. Plus, if one team has got the better of the other in recent meetings, and even if they do well at a certain stadium.

For example, prior to Super Bowl LIV, Kansas City Chiefs had won three of their previous four games against San Francisco 49ers. The Chiefs went on to win 31-20.

Sometimes it is best to wait until a day or two before the Super Bowl to place certain bets, that involve match outcomes. Such as for Prop bets.

It is possible that a key player could get injured in training or is suspended, and therefore your original bet will still stand.

Often, the best prices for teams to win the Super Bowl will be available before the season starts. This is when all 32 teams are still in contention for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

As the season progresses, especially when there are just two teams left, their odds will be dramatically lower/shorter. Therefore, your winning profit will be much less.

If you fancy a certain bet to win, check out a few sportsbooks to find the most profitable odds.

We have listed our top five favourite sports casinos for the Super Bowl on this page, and you can read our reviews of the top sportsbooks available to bet at in USA.

Signing up to a new sportsbook means you can take advantage of welcome offers, to use on the Super Bowl and other events.

Often betting sites will offer hugely enhanced no deposit bonuses for bets that are almost certain to win, to entice new customers. Existing players should also be able to find specials and enhanced odds on the site too.

Previous Super Bowl Winners

These NFL franchises have all won the Super Bowl in recent years:

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Our #1 Super Bowl Betting Site


Before delving into NFL Super Bowl betting, here are some of the basics you should know:

Each year, the Super Bowl is held on the first Sunday in February at different stadiums.

In 2021, Super Bowl LV will take place on February 7 at the Raymond James (Ray Jay) Stadium in Florida, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Yes, Super Bowl betting on games is legal in USA – provided you use a fully licensed and certified sportsbook, such as the ones we recommend.

So long as the site you wager with is based overseas, you can bet on the Super Bowl online.

You also need to be of legal gambling age, which varies depending on what United States region you are betting from.

The following are our top 5 recommended sportsbooks to bet on the Super Bowl online:

Our experts have chosen the Betway Sports app, as the best app for Super Bowl mobile betting on your iPhone or Android device.

You’ll be able to have access to all the bonuses, features and betting odds found on the desktop site version. We also found the Betway app very easy to use, with an appealing interface.

You can make the following types of Super Bowl bets:

This depends how much you stake and the price of the odds you wager on.

The higher the decimal odds, the more winnings you’ll receive if your bet comes off. There is, of course, less chance of this happening.

Parlay bets are usually a great way of winning hundreds or more dollars, even from a C$1 stake.

Players with great NFL and Super Bowl knowledge can also earn a lot by playing fantasy football.

Super Bowl betting lines show you which team are favourites to win and the underdogs.

The fancied franchise has a minus sign (-) by their moneyline price and points spread. Underdogs have a plus sign (+).