The Complete Guide to Online Multi Wheel Roulette in 2021

Are you fed up with seeing every spin you make at a roulette wheel not bring a winner? If so, you need a form of roulette that will give you better odds of winning, and that’s exactly where online multi wheel roulette comes in! This game ramps up the excitement by allowing you to spin multiple wheels at the same time, which gives you many extra chances to finally spin in the big win you’ve been waiting so long for!

You’ll find multi wheel roulette at loads of different United States online gambling sites, and the game is becoming more and more popular as players understand just how much fun it is. You can find the best place to play simply by looking through our United States online casino reviews, which have been created by gambling experts. At the moment, our number one place to play multi wheel roulette is Jackpot City.

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Top Multi Wheel Roulette Sites for United States Players

Only Play at the Best Multi Wheel Roulette Casinos

If you’re going to play multi wheel roulette, you’ll want to play at the very best United States online gambling site around. The problem? With so many online gambling sites offering this game, it’s almost a lottery choosing which one to sign up with. We’ve solved this problem though, by creating a series of comprehensive and honest reviews on the best places to play in USA, so now you can simply make your selection from our shortlist!

There are many things that make a casino great, and we review them all. We’ll look at the bonuses on offer, the security features at a site, the quality of the other games, the customer support, and much, much more. This is why we’re trusted by so many real money United States players who love gambling online.

How to Play Multi Wheel Roulette

This game starts in the same way as all other forms of roulette: you pick up your chips, and then carefully place them on the bets you want to make. After this though, the game introduces an exciting twist – you can play up to seven extra wheels! You can choose exactly how many of these you want to play though, remembering that your total bet amount will go up with each new wheel you select. This means that a bet of C$20 is actually going to cost you C$160 if you choose to play all of the wheels on offer.

Once you’ve placed your bets and chosen your number of wheels, you just have to hit the “Spin” button. You’ll then be able to watch all of the wheels spinning around, before all of the balls land in their respective places. If you’re lucky, you’ll then win a prize. So, if you’ve played online roulette before, this game will be easy to understand – but the excitement levels will be much higher than any other roulette game you’ve played at an online gambling site!


The biggest advantage to multi wheel roulette is the fact that it offers the chance to win far more money per turn. After all, you’ll be placing up to 8x as many bets as in standard online roulette, and if they all spin in, you’ll win a huge amount of cash. It also means that wins are seen far more frequently, which only serves to add extra excitement to the game. The fact that the game still follows the basic rules of roulette also appeals to many – after all, why change a winning formula too much?


There is only really one disadvantage to multi wheel roulette, and it only applies to those not in the position of being high rollers. Because the bet amount increases with each wheel selected, it can become incredibly expensive to carry on playing for a prolonged period of time – unless you get lucky and spin in a big win early on in your session! This means that some lower stakes players quickly revert back to playing standard online roulette instead.

Start Enjoying Multi Wheel Roulette Today!

Does multi wheel roulette sound like a game you’d like? Are you tempted by the chance to win more money than ever before when you play this version of one of the world’s most popular casino games? If so, you should sign up with one of our recommended casinos today and start playing! With so many fantastic welcome bonuses around for roulette players, you should find yourself with a pretty large stack of chips in front of you when you start playing this exciting online casino game!

Multi-wheel Roulette FAQ

How does multi wheel roulette work?

Multi wheel roulette starts off in exactly the same way as standard roulette, with you placing various bets on the roulette board. Then it gets different though, as you’ll need to select how many wheels you want to play – remembering that more wheels leads to more chances to win, but also to larger bet amounts. Then you spin the wheels and wait to see how much you can win.

Does it use the familiar bets and table layout?

Initially, the game looks the same as normal versions of roulette, as you’ll be shown a familiar board and will be able to place all of the standard bets. There will be nothing familiar to new players about seeing multiple wheels spinning around on the screen though, which ensures that playing multi wheel roulette is a really exciting experience.

Is it popular online?

Because it is not as established as the standard forms of the game – namely European , French and American roulette – it isn’t as popular as them. Players are fast understanding the excitement that playing multi wheel roulette brings though, therefore meaning that the popularity of this game in USA is increasing rapidly.

What makes it different?

The answer to this question is pretty much given away in the game’s name – instead of having a single wheel, you’ll get to play multiple wheels at the same time. The most that can be played is eight, however you’ll be able to choose the exact number you want to play. Other than this, the bets you can make and the roulette table layout are exactly the same as standard European roulette.

Can I use a roulette system?

Roulette systems are something that you should avoid, regardless of the type of roulette you are playing. While many claim that they work, they actually don’t, and certainly won’t lead to guaranteed profits when you play. There is no way to change the odds at roulette, as it is a game based entirely on chance.

Where can I play?

Many different online casinos in USA offer multi wheel roulette to players, and the majority of them are good places to play. To find the very best casinos in USA offering this game though, take a look through the different reviews on this site. This will allow you to pick the casino that suits your personal preferences perfectly.