The PGA Championship Betting Guide for 2021

The PGA Championship Betting Guide for 2021

The PGA Championship, known outside the United States as the USPGA, is one of golf’s four annual Majors. It’s sometimes seen as the poor relation of the quartet, but compensates by having the biggest trophy.

Modern sportsbooks make betting on golf easy for sports fans in USA. The PGA is a chance to wager on an event that attracts the superstars of the game.

In this guide we’ll answer these questions:

Top Golf Betting Sites for United States Players

An Introduction to The PGA Championship

The championship’s history goes back more than a century. Before 1958, it was played with a matchplay format.

Most players qualify by doing well in previous PGAs, other Majors and the PGA Tour

However, the PGA reserves the right to invite additional players

Unlike the other Majors, amateurs tend not to qualify or be invited

A field of 156 players tees off in the 72-hole strokeplay event

The purse for the 2018 event was US$11million

If there is a tie after 72 holes, a three-hole aggregate playoff is held

The winner receives the handsome Wanamaker Trophy, named after Rodman Wanamaker, a businessman who helped set up the association

How Golf Odds Work

Betting on The PGA Championship, and golf in general, is not complicated. But you may need a broader introduction to gambling.

Let’s look at a tournament. The odds about one player winning it may, expressed as decimals, read:

For every C$10 you stake on Koepka, you win C$90. If you put C$10 on Thomas, you get back C$140.

Odds may also be expressed in other formats, such as fractional and moneyline (also called American) odds.

But most sportsbooks make it easy to swap between systems to let you choose how you view their prices. Take a look at our Odds Calculator to see how they compare.


The PGA Championship Betting Options

Tournament winner

On the face of it, it is an easy question. Who is going to win the tournament?

However, with 156 of the best players in the world teeing it up, maybe that’s not as easy as it first appears.

First round leader

Intriguingly, some pros are notorious for making a fast start on day one before fading away. These are the guys to look at for this market.

Also, with this market you can weigh up your options based on tee times and the weather forecast without worrying about the rest of the week.

Top 10 finish

With such a big field taking part, it makes sense to broaden your chance of winning

The PGA Championship Betting Guide for 2021
by seeking out a player who can finish high on the leaderboard.

In this market you’re looking for steady, consistent players with a solid record of winning prize money – though maybe not trophies.

Match bets

Forget the rest of the field for a moment. You can bet on one player to beat the others in his group – or a different player on the other side of the golf course.


A one-off bet which appears on the face of it to owe more to luck than judgment. Having said that, a bit of research on the course in question and the field playing it might throw up a bit of value for the shrewd bettor.

To qualify for The PGA Championship

It’s possible you have spotted a less famous player you think could qualify for the tournament. There are sportsbooks that will allow you to wager on the outcome.

To make the cut

If you think a player is going to do well, but not well enough to top the leaderboard, how about a bet on them to reach the weekend?

To win next year’s PGA Championship

Sometimes you spot a player in this year’s event whose game will be perfect for next year’s venue. Look around and you will find sportsbooks offering odds 12 months in advance.

What is PGA Championship Live Betting?

Brief Timeline of The PGA Championship

The first championship is held at Siwanoy Country Club in New York

Jim Barnes of England wins for the second time. None of his compatriots have won since

Walter Hagen wins for the fourth time in a row and a joint-record fifth in all

The tournament format is switched from matchplay to strokeplay. Dow Finsterwald, who lost the last matchplay final, wins the first strokeplay event

Julius Boros, at 48, becomes the oldest winner of the PGA Championship

Jack Nicklaus wins for the fifth time to match Hagen’s record

The last time the event was held in the west, at Sahalee near Seattle

Rory McIlroy wins the championship by eight shots, a record for the strokeplay era

Jason Day triumphs with a record score of 20 under par

The championship is moved from its traditional August slot to May

Recent PGA Championship winners


The PGA Championship is a wonderful event to watch and bet on. And, in an era of mass cellphone ownership, the options for wagering are broader than ever.

With the betting industry being highly competitive, the quest for excellent customer experience is taken very seriously by sportsbooks.

To find out everything you might ever need to know about betting on the sport in USA, check out our golf home page.


A golf tournament held each summer on a course in the United States. It is more than 100 years old and one of the four annual Major championships.

Trying to pick the outright tournament winner from a field of 156 elite golfers is a challenge enjoyed by a huge number of bettors.

Follow the information in our online betting guide and you should find everything you need when it comes to choosing a site to bet with.

We recommend looking at areas such as security, licensing, range of bets and bonuses. All of our recommended online casinos score highly in these.

Without a doubt. Modern sportsbooks tend to come with a consumer-friendly app that allows you to bet on your device, wherever you are.

Even when the first player has teed off in the championship, sportsbooks will continue to offer you odds. You will be able to bet on the live action, as well as the overall result.