Tokyo Olympics Betting Guide for 2021

Tokyo Olympics Betting Guide for 2021


Are the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Cancelled?
No, due to the Covid-19 pandemic the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were postponed and rescheduled for the summer of 2021. They will now take place from July 23 – August 8.

Top Olympics Betting Sites for United Statess

Find out how our expert team reviews and finds the best sports betting sites for the Summer Olympics.

Can you Bet on the Olympics?

Absolutely. As with all other sports betting in USA, you'll be able to bet on all 339 Olympic events at our recommended sports betting sites from your mobile or desktop device.

Popular Summer Olympics bets include 'Nation to win most Gold medals', 'Total medals for a Nation', and many specific bets on individual games or events.

How to Sign Up and Start Betting

To get started betting on the Olympics for real money, take these following steps:

How Betting Odds Work at the Olympics

We’ll take you through an example, to work out how betting odds work at the Olympics. The table below shows a hypothetical, but probable, list of the favourite nations to win the most Gold medals:

The 2.00 odds for USA to win the most Gold medals mean that they are favourites. So, if you bet C$10 and they win, you’ll win C$10 back plus your stake back for a total returns of C$20.

If you fancy Japan, meanwhile, to be the 10th hosting nation to win the Olympics, then a C$10 bet on them could see you with a profit of C$110. That’s C$120 in total with your stake back.

We’ve used decimal prices, but other Summer Olympic sports may use the American money line system or even fractional odds. For more information on different way of expressing betting prices, see our Olympics odds calculator below:


Popular Summer Olympics Betting Events

The Olympics in 2021 will see the most sports (33), disciplines (50) and events (339) take place in the Modern Games’ history. Here are some the most popular Summer Olympics sports to bet on:

All the usual soccer betting odds from regular competitions are available on the men’s and women’s Summer Olympics tournaments. USA women’s team claimed Bronze at Rio 2016, back them to win a medal again.

Olympic rules for 2021 state most of the squad must be under 24 years old (usually under-23 pre-Covid) with 3 overage senior players allowed. There are no restrictions for the women’s squads, however.

The best professional tennis players get the chance to battle for Gold every four years. Like any Grand Slam tournament, there are men’s and women’s singles and doubles events, plus the mixed doubles draw.

As with soccer, all the regular tennis betting odds you would expect to see such as ‘next set winner’ and ‘correct set scoreline’ are on offer.

Golf has only taken place at three previous Olympics (1900, 1904 and 2016). The last edition in Rio saw a number of top pros choose to not take part, but expect more big names in Tokyo.

In terms of golf betting, the winner, top six, eight and even 10 places,

Tokyo Olympics Betting Guide for 2021
just like at the Majors, are up for grabs in the Olympic tournament.

Perhaps no other sport is quite so synonymous with the Summer Olympics than athletics. And there was big United States interest at Rio 2016 with Derek Drouin winning Gold in the men’s high jump.

Whether it’s sprints, hurdles or long-distance track races, or other field events like the long jump, javelin or triple jump, betting is available on Gold medals.

to win the men’s 100m

Boxing will permit professionals to fight alongside amateurs for the first time at the 2020 Olympics, but most of the top names won’t compete. ‘Round by round’, ‘method of victory’ and futures markets on ‘who will win Gold’ in certain weight classes are all on offer for boxing betting.

Many greats have fought at the Olympics, including Gold medallists Muhammad Ali (then known as Cassius Clay), Lennox Lewis (then representing USA) and most recently GB’s Anthony Joshua.

to win the women’s
flyweight tournament

The Summer Olympics have done wonders to raise the global profile of swimming. With so many different races, disciplines and distances, you’re never short of events to bet on.

There will be particular swimming interest at the 2020 Olympics, with Japanese duo Kosuke Hagino and Rie Kaneto winning Gold in Rio.

Hockey has a rich history at the Summer Olympics. Besides betting on which country will win Gold and individual matches, anytime goalscorer prices are available.

USA has qualified for the men’s tournament, and have been drawn in the same group as the likes of former champions Great Britain, The Netherlands and Germany, as well as last Olympics’ Silver medallists Belgium.

Despite American dominance due to the NBA (their men have won 15 of the 18 Olympics they’ve entered, and the women 8 out of 10), basketball remains part of the Summer Olympics.

Spread betting is a common theme if you’re looking to place a wager on one of the many matches that take place at the Olympic Games. Another basketball betting option this Olympics is the 3x3 event, which makes its debut.

Top 5 Olympics Betting Tips

With 33 sports and 339 events to pick from, you’re certainly spoiled for choice. While it might be fun to place a low wager on a sport that is new to you, it is always best to bet on what you know for your bigger bets to beat the bookies.

Related to the above tip, if you know your stuff about the more niche sports such as table tennis, rugby sevens or water polo, then this is where you can potentially win big. You can outsmart the bookies with your expert insight.

Athletes for traditional Olympic sports such as track & field events, gymnastics and rowing, tend to target the biggest competitions such as the Summer Games and World Championships. It is best to base your research on these, rather than smaller events.

Whichever sports betting site you choose to sign up to, be sure to keep an eye on daily specials and promotions they’ll offer throughout the Summer Olympics. You’ll be able to take advantage of free bets and enhanced prices.

The best prices are usually available before the Games begin. Especially when it comes to futures bets, such as for a certain athlete or team to win Gold. If you fancy a certain market to win, then bet early where possible.

Betting Bonuses

Modern Summer Olympics History

Our table below goes through the modern Summer Olympics in full since its inception in 1896, including the nation with most Golds each Games, the hosting city/country, and number of sports that were competed in:

Other Sports Betting Guides

How we Review the Top Olympics Betting Sites

In order to feature on our top Olympics betting sites list, our review team considers the following criteria:


Yes, as with other sports events, Summer Olympics betting in USA is 100% legal as long as you are gambling at legitimate sports betting site based offshore, such as the ones we recommend.

The below top sports betting sites for the Olympic Games offer the best gambling experience in USA with a wide range of markets and great odds:

These are some of most popular Olympic sports to bet on:

The Tokyo Olympic Games are rescheduled to take place from July 23 - August 8, 2021. The Japanese government has stated that no oversees spectators will be allowed to attend the Games, but fans already based in Japan can.

There will be 339 different men’s and women’s events to enjoy at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. These are across 33 sports and 50 disciplines. 2021 will see the most events ever taking place at a Summer Games. View the most popular Olympic sports here.

The 2020 Summer Olympics will see karate, surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing appear at the Games for the first time. While, baseball and softball return, and new disciplines include 3x3 basketball, freestyle BMX and madison cycling.

Yes. Mobile Summer Olympics betting is all part of the gambling experience offered by sports betting sites.

You’ll be able to bet on your iPhone or Android smartphone device wherever you have internet connection.

Our recommended top sports betting sites have specifically optimized mobile apps and sites for you to gamble at.

Yes, many of the sports that feature at the Summer Olympics are compatible with live betting. This means that prices are available during the actual events themselves and not just beforehand.

Odds are kept up-to-date constantly in reaction to what happens at the Olympic Games. Live betting differs from fixed odds price in this respect.