UEFA Europa League Soccer Betting Guide for 2021

The UEFA Europa League is second only in European soccer continental competitions to the Champions League. Many world-famous clubs play in it each and every season.

This is our guide to UEFA Europa League betting. Our aim is to equip you with everything you need to have a great gambling experience. On this page is the following:

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An Introduction to the UEFA Europa League

You’ll find UEFA Europa League betting in USA works much the same as anywhere else. First up, let’s cover the basics. Here are our top 10 facts about the Europa League:

Teams from all 55 UEFA confederation member states, including Israel, have teams in the Europa League

Extensive qualifying takes place before the competition proper starts with the group stage

Some teams eliminated from UEFA Champions League qualifying drop into the Europa League

The group stage has 12 groups of four and each team plays the others home and away

All UEFA Europa League group winners and runners-up advance to the knockout phase

They are joined by the eight third-placed teams from the UEFA Champions League group stage

The Europa League knockout phase is a single elimination tournament with 32 teams playing two-legged ties, then 16, eight and four until just two remain

Aggregate winners advance from each round through the last 32, last 16, quarter-finals and semi-finals to the final

A host venue is picked so the UEFA Europa League final is in a different country and city each year. The winners of the final go into the next season’s Champions League

The away goals rule can be used to separate two teams in any knockout phase tie up until the final. If they’re still level, then extra time and even penalties happen

How UEFA Europa League Odds Work

Some fundamental UEFA Europa League betting advice for you is how betting on the competition works. We’re going to work through a basic example of the match winner betting:

Here’s a typical Europa League game. Sevilla are favourites and you can double your money if you back them to win. For every C$1 bet on them, you receive C$1 profit and a return of C$2.

A draw is common in soccer, so this alternative result could happen. An C$8 stake returns C$23 - C$15 of which is profit on the scores finishing level in 90 minutes.

Benfica are the outsiders. For every C$4 wagered, you win C$9. That is a total return of C$13. We’ve worked through the prices in decimal form, but fractions and the American moneyline system are other ways of expressing them.

If you want to learn more about different price forms for betting, then our odds calculator below can help:


UEFA Europa League Betting Options

What are the most popular odds used for UEFA Europa League betting in USA? This is a look at some of them:

Match winner

Will either team win in 90 minutes or will the game end in a draw?

Goalscorer markets

Which soccer player will score the first or last goal? Can they score at any time? Is two or more, or even a hat-trick possible? You have plenty of options with goalscorer markets.

Total goals: Exact or Over/Under

What will the total number of goals in a game be? You can either bet on it exactly or Over/Under certain thresholds, usually expressed in half brackets.


What will the result at half-time be? Then at full-time all in the same bet?

Correct score

You can go even further and predict what the exact scoreline after 90 minutes will be between two teams.

Outright winner

Which team will go all the way and lift the Europa League trophy? This is a very popular futures market that people bet on.

Top goalscorer

Returning to the theme of goalscorers, you can also bet on who will top the charts for the entire competition.

Group winner

Which team will win their Europa League group during that stage of the competition?

What is UEFA Europa League Live Betting?

Past UEFA Europa League and UEFA Cup winners

A total of 28 different European soccer clubs have won the UEFA Europa League and/or old UEFA Cup since it was introduced in 1971/72:


And that, in a nutshell, is our UEFA Europa League betting guide. This is only just the beginning of your soccer gambling adventures, though.

Be sure to check our list of the best sportsbooks. If you need any more UEFA Europa League betting advice, answers to common queries can be found in the FAQs section.


What is the UEFA Europa League?

The UEFA Europa League is a continental club competition for member states of the governing body of European football. It is the second-tier of European club football, behind the UEFA Champions League.

What are the most popular UEFA Europa League bets?

Some of the most popular Europa League bets people place are:

What are the best UEFA Europa League betting sites?

You’ll only find the best UEFA Europa League betting sites in our list further up this page.

Can I bet on the UEFA Europa League on mobile?

Absolutely, yes you can bet on the Europa League through mobile and other devices like tablets.

What is UEFA Europa League live betting?

Live betting is available on the Europa League and many other sports besides soccer. This is where you place bets on events as they are actually in progress. Special UEFA Europa League odds that update in reaction to what’s happening are used.