UFC Betting Guide for 2021

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Top UFC Betting Sites in USA for 2021

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How to Sign Up to a UFC Betting Site

Pick one of the best sportsbooks for UFC betting USA has to offer

Locate the “Join” button near the top of the homepage

Register as a new customer, entering personal details

Make a username and password for your betting account

Enter promo codes if needed, verify your age, and agree to T&Cs

UFC Betting Bonuses

The best UFC online betting sites offer great welcome packages and then continue to reward your loyalty. Bonuses and promotions fall into one of these three categories:

Welcome Bonus

Enhanced Odds

VIP Club

What is the UFC?

If you are new to combat sports and UFC betting, the below covers the basics about the premier MMA promotion:

UFC organizes bouts between two fighters within set weight classes that largely mirror pro boxing divisions. Each weight category has rankings and a champion. The UFC fighter who wins inside the octagonal cage climbs up the standings.

UFC bouts have five minutes per round. Championship fights go to a maximum of five rounds, though non-title contests which aren’t main events may only be three rounds.

Fights can be won (or lost) by submission, knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), judges’ decision, disqualification (DQ), forfeit, or be ruled a no contest (NC). Bouts can also end in draws if the judges don’t agree on a winner.

There are several fouls for which the referee can dock points or even disqualify a fighter. These include low blows, eye gouging, headbutts, biting, throat strikes and many more illegal moves.

UFC fighters are regularly tested for performance enhancing drugs. Any who fail a doping test are suspended from competing. This has happened notably to Jon Jones and WWE wrestling crossover star Brock Lesnar before.

How UFC Odds Work

For newbies, one of the key UFC betting tips before you start is learning how to read odds. Here, we’ll work through an example of UFC betting odds for you:

In this bout, the 1.33 Khabib UFC odds make him the favourite. For every $3 you bet on Nurmagomedov winning, you make $1 of profit. That’s a total return of $4.

These Conor McGregor betting odds, meanwhile, suggest he is the underdog. A $2 stake on the Irishman yields $5 in profit for total returns of $7.


UFC Betting Options

You will find the options for wagers on UFC betting in USA are no different to other countries. These are the most popular and best bets for UFC available online:

This is UFC betting on fights in its most basic form, simply which competitor will win the bout?

You can combine UFC bets on the fight winner and how the bout will end into one wager.

to win by

Which UFC fighter wins the bout and in what round?

Will there be more or less than a certain number of rounds in the fight?

Are the judges’ scorecards needed to determine the winner? Yes or no?

Futures UFC gambling surrounds a fighter winning a title by a certain date.

to be UFC welterweight champion before

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What are the Biggest UFC Fights in History?

Debate rages among MMA fans about what the biggest UFC fights in history are. Here are our pick of five of the best using buyrates and gates:

Khabib Nurmagomedov v Conor McGregor

Khabib and McGregor’s controversial bout for the UFC lightweight championship made headlines. This was a box office smash hit with a promotion record 2,400,000 pay-per-view buys. The fight, which Khabib won by submission, on October 6, 2018 also drew a gate of $17,200,000 – the second highest in UFC history.

Daniel Cormier v Stipe Miocic

Trilogies are so rare in MMA that Cormier and Miocic’s battles over the UFC heavyweight championship make our list. First facing off at UFC 226 in 2018 with Cormier knocking Miocic out in round one, they met again, and the title changed hands at UFC 241 the following year. The final rubber match came at UFC 252 where Miocic got a unanimous decision. Their three fights drew cumulative PPV buys of 1,700,000.

Conor McGregor v Nate Diaz

The bitter rivalry between Irish fighter McGregor and Diaz in 2016 saw them clash at both UFC 196 and UFC 202. These battles really pulled in audiences. Their first encounter (won by Diaz) had 1,317,000 buys only to be topped by the rematch (won by McGregor) at 1,600,000 pay-per-view sales. Both men made millions from the feud.

Brock Lesnar v Frank Mir

A UFC heavyweight championship unification bout in 2009 featured box office draw Lesnar trying to avenge his promotion debut loss to Mir. With over 1,300,000 PPV buys, UFC 100 was the most successful event the organization had put on to date. Lesnar did defeat Mir the second time around to become undisputed champion.

Georges St-Pierre v Jake Shields

At UFC 129 in 2011, USA’s own cage fighting great drew the third biggest gate and attendance in the promotion’s history. Some 55,725 MMA fans watched St-Pierre get a unanimous decision on home soil over Shields with the UFC welterweight title up for grabs. The gate in Toronto grossed over $12,000,000.

How we Review the Best UFC Betting Sites

Our expert team keep the list of top sportsbooks for UFC betting in USA under constant review. We look out for these criteria:

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