US Open tennis betting guide for 2021

The US Open, which takes place annually at Flushing Meadows in New York, is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments in tennis. US Open betting is especially big in USA as it’s geographically the closest of the tennis majors to the country.

In our expert guide, we cover US Open betting odds and how they work, the most popular types of tennis bets, the best betting sites on the market, and more.

Top US Open betting sites in USA

Intro to US Open tennis

We start off our guide to US Open betting by looking at some important facts that are good to know about this tennis tournament:

The US Open is the only tennis major to have been played on three different surfaces: first grass, then clay and now hard courts since 1978

It adopted its current place as the last Grand Slam in the tennis calendar in 1987. The tournament is played in late August and early September

All sets in US Open matches go to a tiebreak if they reach six games all

Just like the other Grand Slams, the draws are seeded so that top ranked players cannot meet until the finals of the competition

If you aren’t among the seeds, then you will likely have to qualify for the US Open

The men’s and women’s singles draws run concurrently to the doubles and mixed doubles events

Flushing Meadows (officially the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center) has show courts named after tennis icon Arthur Ashe and jazz legend Louis Armstrong

In 2016, a retractable roof was added to the Arthur Ashe Stadium so that rain delays wouldn’t impact on the court’s schedule as much

US Open matches involving men only are the first to three sets, while those with just women and the mixed doubles are first to two

Tennis games must be won by two clear points and sets by two clear games unless the score gets to 6-6

How US Open tennis odds work

US Open odds need not be a thing to fear if you’re new to it all. For newbie gamblers out there, we’re here to explain how it all works.

Here’s an example of US Open women’s tennis odds – in this case a match between the great Williams sisters:

Serena and Venus are playing a tennis match against one another. Serena is the favourite as her price is the smaller number. For every C$2 staked on her, you win C$1. That is total returns of C$3.

Older sister Venus, meanwhile, is the betting underdog. You need only wager C$1 on her to get a C$3 return. That’s a C$2 profit.

We’re using decimal prices in this example, but betting odds can be expressed as fractions, or in the American moneyline style. See our odds calculator below for more on this and how the different types of prices compare:


US Open types of bets

What are some of the popular options for US Open odds and betting types? Here’s a rundown:

Match winner or moneyline

As we saw in the above example, a very common bet in tennis is which player or doubles pair will win a particular match?

With the US Open being an American tournament, the moneyline style of betting is popular in USA.

Set winner

Which player or doubles pair will win a certain set of a particular tennis match? Sportsbooks will always price up at least the first and second sets in regular fixed odds markets.

Tiebreak in match

As each set of a US Open tournament match could in theory be decided by a tiebreak, most sites have a market on this. You can either bet for or against this.

Set scoreline

What will the precise score in games of a particular set be? You can either bet on this without naming the set winner or include that to boost the prices on offer.

Correct scoreline

What will the exact result in sets be of a tennis match? Remember, all-male matches are best of five sets, while all-female and mixed doubles events are best of three.

In the case of this US Open men’s tennis odds example, if you bet C$10 that the final result will be 3-1 sets in favour of Murray, you’d get C$27 in profit if you won.

Stage of elimination

Futures markets that remain throughout the tournament are another way into betting on the US Open. If you can correctly call the point in the draw when a player gets eliminated, then you can win money.

To reach the final

Can your favourite tennis player make the final of a Grand Slam? The beauty of making a bet on this is sportsbooks will have paid out to you whether they go on to lift the trophy or not!

Outright tournament winner

Who will win the tournament overall and be crowned US Open champion(s)?

Live betting on the US Open

Multiple US Open singles winners

The most recent winner of the US Open men’s singles tournament was Daniil Medvedev, who defeated world no.1 Novak Djokovic in straight sets despite being the betting underdog.

Check out some of the most successful US Open men’s singles champions in the tournament’s storied history:

Those of you who tuned in for the sensational women's US Open tennis final between Emma Raducanu and United States player Leylah Fernandez this year will know that it was the British teen who took home the trophy (and broke a few records doing so).

Take a look at some of the most successful players in the US Open women’s singles of all-time:


The US Open is the fourth and final Grand Slam tournament of the tennis year. Held at Flushing Meadows in New York over the end of August and start of September, it is played on outdoor hard courts. The other three Grand Slams include the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon.

Some of the most popular US Open odds and bet types are::

We list only the best US Open betting sites for tennis on this page. Check out our recommended sportsbooks above.

US Open betting is well and truly mobile these days in USA and all around the world.

Live or in-play betting is where markets are available on sporting events while they actually happen. It used to be you could only bet on US Open odds before a tennis match started, but now you can get prices constantly up to date while the game progress.

Tennis prop bets or proposition bets are wagers you can make on specific aspects of the match. These include things like which player will win the first set, whether or not there will be a tiebreak, or the total number of aces served in the match. There are unsurprisingly more high risk and are usually only available at larger tournaments, like the US Open.

The 2022 men’s and women’s US Open odds have been released by Vegas Insider, but of course these will constantly fluctuate depending on how players perform in other tournaments, potential injuries, etc. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on other tournaments and do your research on players to give yourself the best chance of winning when the US Open arrives.