USA's best hockey betting sites for 2021

US's best hockey betting sites for 2021

Hockey is USA's national winter sport. This fast-moving and thrilling game is enjoyed by a devoted fan base that spans the globe.

As well as being a great sport to watch, it’s also great to bet on, offering countless betting opportunities and ways to turn a profit. In this guide, we'll provide top hockey betting tips and advice, covering the most popular hockey bets on the market and how to bet on hockey games.

Top hockey betting sites for United States players

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How we review the best hockey sites

Does the site offer SSL encryption and have the right level of licensing and certification?

Can we be certain the site is honest and safe?

Does it offer a really broad selection of hockey bets?

Which ones are on offer? In such a competitive sector, sportsbooks need to find inventive ways to give extra value to bettors

Does the site offer several? And does it offer more generous payout percentages?

How to bet on hockey

How hockey odds work

When you arrive at a hockey sports betting site, you’ll see a broad range of ways in which you can bet on the forthcoming games. Depending on the season, you’ll find the latest odds on the NHL, AHL and other top leagues, as well as preseason hockey odds and even Olympic hockey betting odds.

One of the most important things to figure out in hockey betting is how to read hockey odds. While it may seem daunting, especially to a newcomer, understanding hockey odds is actually pretty straightforward.

Don't worry if you're used to decimal odds and the markets are displayed as American-style moneyline odds or British fractionals. Our handy hockey odds calculator below is the perfect tool to help you.


Popular hockey bets

We’ve listed some of the most popular and best hockey bets available:

The most straightforward bet on a game of hockey. Who do you think will win?

Just be careful that you know what you’re betting on. Is it the result at the end of regulation time? Or does it include overtime – used to decide a game when the teams are tied after four periods of 15 minutes each.

Puckline bets are unique to hockey, but you may recognize them if you bet on other sports as they are simply variations of handicaps or point spreads. The sportsbook hands one team a 1.5-point start, which means the favourite must win by at least two goals for the bet to collect.

How many goals do you think the teams will score between them? In over/under hockey betting, the sportsbook will set a number and it's up to you to decide whether the total will be over or under that.

Most fans want to see an exciting game and will bet on overs accordingly. That means there can often be value in the unders.

Many sportsbooks will offer the chance to predict exactly what the final score of the match will be. If you wager on the right outcome, your bet will pay out on it.

If you believe one team has a great chance of winning their NHL division, you can back them to do so from early in the season.

Similarly, if you think they will go all the way and win the Stanley Cup, the sooner you wager on them the better the odds should be.

This is an over/under market offered by some sportsbooks. It relates to the total goals in all matches played in one league on a single date.

If you want to back more than one outcome in a series of matches, you can try an accumulator. These bets are also known as accas or parlays.

The potential is there to win big from small stakes – but all your predictions have to be right before you can collect.

Main hockey competitions to bet on

NHL (National Hockey League)

NHL (National Hockey League)

The NHL is the highest level of the sport. Founded in Montreal with four United States teams more than 100 years ago, the league now has 31 clubs – seven of them in USA.

The Stanley Cup is presented to the team that wins the end of season playoffs each year. No side has won it more often than the Montreal Canadiens, who have lifted the trophy 34 times.

KHL (Kontinental Hockey League)

KHL (Kontinental Hockey League)

The premier hockey league in Europe and Asia, with 25 clubs across several countries including China and mostly Russia.

Each season the top sides playoff for the right to be crowned champion. The winners are presented with the Gagarin Cup.

SEL (Swedish Elite League)

SEL (Swedish Elite League)

Sweden is, like USA, a hotbed of hockey. It hosts a respected league consisting of 14 teams who each play a 52-game schedule.

The team who advance through the playoff series and become Swedish champions are presented with the Le Mat Trophy.



Finland, another Scandinavian country with a devoted hockey following, hosts the second strongest European domestic league.

The 15 member teams play 60 matches each in the regular season. The playoff winners receive a championship trophy called the Kanada-malja.

Hockey betting apps & mobile options

Today, fans can access top betting apps and sites on all types of mobile devices, making mobile hockey betting easier than ever. You can bet anywhere you have an internet connection.

If you’re looking for some of the best hockey betting apps, then definitely check out our list of recommended sportsbooks as many of them now carry state-of-the-art downloadable apps for both iPhone and Android users.

Types of hockey betting bonuses

The modern global betting industry is intensely competitive. This is good news for bettors, because sportsbooks need to come up with ever more alluring offers to attract and keep customers.

One popular and successful method of drawing in new clients is bonuses. These tend to fall into three categories:

Welcome bonus

Enhanced odds

VIP club

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It's all about opinions. If you think you know what is going to happen in a game, you can back up your thoughts by betting on that outcome. Your returns, when you get it right, will be dictated by the odds about the bet you place.

There are several different ways you can bet on hockey games. One of the most popular is the moneyline bet, which is where you simply pick who you think will win the game.

The puckline bet is essentially hockey’s version of the point spread. When it comes to the NHL hockey bets, the underdog will be given an advantage of 1.5 goals, while the favourite is disadvantaged by 1.5 goals, and this line will be adjusted accordingly depending on who is playing.

Yes, it can. In ice hockey betting, markets are available for both the Match Result, which is when you’re betting on the result at the end of regulation time, and Win Match Including OverTime, which is when you’re betting on the winner of the game after any overtime or shootouts.

Betting lines are a numerical expression of the probability of an outcome of a match or competition. In hockey, the most common hockey betting lines are the moneyline, puckline and over/under goal total.

The 60-minute line is very similar to the moneyline as it’s based on who will win the game, but the difference is that it only includes the three periods of regulation game time.

You can either bet on Team A or B winning in 60 minutes, or that there will be a tie. But if the game goes to overtime, you lose the bet, so if you think this is a possibility, it’s best not to choose the type of bet.