USA’s Top Online Gambling For iPad

One of the most popular tablets on the market, United States players have really taken to online casinos with iPad apps and mobile games. Apple’s iOS makes it a powerful tool for handing the rapid pace of casino games, and the screen sizes on the various versions of the iPad have online casino fans placing real money bets on multiple games at once.

To make sure you’re joining the best iPad online casino venues, the team has shortlisted their recommendations here. You can try out the free games at any of the sites, or head straight to the overall top choice for iPad online casinos, Jackpot City.

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Top Online Casinos for iPad

iPad Gambling Offers More Casino Convenience

If you can't wait to hit one of the many high-end United States casinos like Fallsview or River Rock to drop some chips directly on the blackjack tables, there's no better way to recreate the experience than on an iPad casino online. When it comes to internet gambling, iPad can turn any table into a blackjack table. No matter what you're playing – whether it’s blackjack, roulette, or a game of Texas Hold’em on your favourite poker site, the game feels way more realistic than playing on a laptop. Why? Because when you place the Apple iPad on a desk or a table and launch a gambling app, you'll have the exact same view you'd have playing live. For realistic gambling online, this device is definitely your best bet.

Choosing A Safe iPad Casino Online

Online casino iPad users in USA don't tend to concern themselves too much with viruses and malware threats. Most apps on the iPad are really secure, otherwise Apple wouldn't let them on the App Store. As a result, most people don't think they need antivirus software on their iPad. While that's still up for debate, one thing is for certain - visiting the wrong site from your iPad can be just as dangerous as visiting the same site on your PC.

Why? Well, the biggest risk to yourself is you. If you offer up personal information like your name and address or credit card number to an internet gambling iPad site that might not be reputable, you're putting your identity at risk. That's true whether you choose to play through an app or through the web. That's why you should only play at CA online casinos that have been checked to make sure they're secure, honest, and reputable. Every iPad online casino site you see on this page has been vetted, so you don't have to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands. We test every site for safety – follow our top guide today.

iPad Online Gambling - App With One Tap

One of the biggest gripes from online casino iPad users in USA is that most sites need to be accessed through Safari or another web browser. That's the gateway to your favourite games. On a Mac or PC, accessing your casino is as easy as double clicking an icon on the desktop. But that's not the case when the casino is accessed through the web on an Apple iPad. Fortunately, there's a great way to create an iPad gambling shortcut and get quick access to real money games. While you're on the casino sign-in page, click the little rectangle with the arrow jumping out of it. You'll find it next to the search bar in Safari. Then, click the Add to Home Screen button, give the site a name, and click Add. Boom - you'll now have your own online casino app for your iPad that can be accessed with just one tap.

Play at the Best iPad Gambling Sites

Because of the larger screen size of the iPad and iPad mini compared to the iPhone, you might be tempted to try any real money online casino iPad site that works on your PC or Mac. Feel free to try, but we guarantee you'll run into a lot of rooms that are either incompatible or just plain sketchy: sites on the net that don't offer the right selection of casino games you want, sites that aren't secure, and sites that just don't work.

Instead, use our links to access the best real money online iPad gambling sites in USA. Not only will you be choosing to play somewhere reputable, but you'll also qualify for a special deposit bonus that we've negotiated, making your iPad casino experience even more rewarding. And you'll get access to the best games. For Canuck real money betting on iPad, there’s no other place to go.

Our Recommended #1 iPad Casino App

iPad FAQ

With its large touchscreen, the iPad is very well suited to mobile casino play and even offers a more tactile, interactive experience than the traditional online casino. And there's more good news for United States iPad users. Using an online casino on your iPad is just as simple as accessing one on your computer.

If you already have an online casino account with a certain site, there's no need to create another one–you can just log in and start playing using your existing account. If not, either create an account on your iPad (if the casino site in questions allows you to do so) or on your laptop/desktop. Once you've made your first deposit, you can start playing for real cash.

Unlike on smartphones, where the games of choice are predominantly slots and a few table games like roulette and blackjack, iPad casino users are able to enjoy almost all of the games that traditional online casino users have on offer. Amongst iPad users, table games are probably as well trafficked as the slot machines.

Because iPad casinos predominantly take the form of no download casinos, similar to those that can be accessed on Macs and other computers, a few games with particularly complex graphics or animations might be missing. However, for the average United States player, this is unlikely to pose a problem¬–there are still hundreds of games to get your teeth into.

Betting apps aside, Apple doesn't seem to be a big fan of apps that allow real money gambling in their App Store. In fact, you're unlikely to find any online casino apps–except for 'play for fun' options–available for use on your iPad. So what's the alternative?

No download sites allow you to play casino games from within your browser and can often be added to your home screen alongside your existing apps. They can be updated more frequently than apps, the latter of which require a sometimes lengthy approval process from Apple, with new features and games. Plus, you don't need to download anything to start playing.

Most top casinos let players choose whether they want to play for real cash or using practice credits. iPad casinos will usually allow you to do the same thing, except where progressive jackpots are involved, so you can try games out for free and practice your skills without putting any money on the line.

If you can't find a free version of the game you're looking for, try searching in the App Store. As we said above, it's unlikely that you'll be able to find a game that lets you play for real money but there are all sorts of 'play for fun' casino games available as iPad apps.