Wimbledon Tennis Betting Guide for 2021

Wimbledon Tennis Betting Guide for 2021

Grand Slam tennis does not get any more prestigious than Wimbledon. The grass court season is so short, it’s almost blink and you’ll miss it!

When it comes to Wimbledon betting, though, we don’t miss a thing. This is our guide to it. On this page, you will find:

Top Tennis Betting Sites for United States Players

An Introduction to Wimbledon Tennis

When it comes to Wimbledon betting advice, what better place to start than with some key facts about this tournament:

The first Wimbledon championships were held in South London in 1877 and each edition of the Grand Slam has been on outdoor grass courts

Singles tournaments for men and women run at the same time as doubles and mixed doubles events

All Wimbledon draws are seeded to keep the top tennis players apart until later in the tournaments. If you aren’t seeded, then you may have to qualify

Matches involving just men are the best of five sets, while women only and mixed doubles events are best of three

A game of tennis must be won by two clear points. It’s the same for a set with games unless it reaches 6-6 and then a tiebreak is used

Although traditionally held over the last week of June and first in July, recent editions of Wimbledon have been all in July

It’s estimated that tennis fans consume about 35,000kg of strawberries and 10,000l of cream every year at Wimbledon

Unlike other Grand Slams, there is a strict dress code for players who must play in all white attire

Centre Court was fitted with a retractable roof in 2009 so that rain delays would be minimized for matches on it

From 2019, if any tennis match at Wimbledon goes to a deciding set and reaches a score of 12-12 it’ll be decided by a tiebreak

How Wimbledon Odds Work

You’ll find that Wimbledon betting in USA is no different to gambling on tennis anywhere else in the world. If you’re new to it all though, then we can help.

Here is an example of a typical tennis match that could happen at Wimbledon:

Federer is the narrow betting favourite to win. For every $5 staked on Switzerland’s all-time Grand Slam great, you receive a return of $11. That is $6 of profit.

Djokovic, meanwhile, is another multiple Wimbledon winner. To make $6 profit on him, you need only wager $4 for total returns of $10.

We’ve gone with decimal odds in our example here. You could also encounter fractional prices that are popular in Britain, or the American money line style.

To learn more about the different types of expressing odds and how they compare, see

Wimbledon Tennis Betting Guide for 2021
our helpful odds calculator:


Wimbledon Betting Options

All good guides offering Wimbledon betting advice need to give you insight into popular markets. Betting on tennis is different to team sports, for example.

Here are some of the most popular Wimbledon odds and bet types wagered on:

Match winner

Betting on the winner of any tennis match is the most basic form of gambling on offer.

Tiebreak in match

Continuing with the fundamentals, will there be a tiebreak in the match? You’re betting on there either being one or not.

Correct scoreline

What will the result in sets be between two players or doubles pairs?

Set scoreline

What will the result in games of a particular set be? Sometimes, there is betting specifying which player wins the set. On other occasions, you are just gambling on what the score will be.

Set winner

You can also bet on which player(s) will win a particular set.

Outright tournament winner

Futures markets that stay up for the entire tournament also exist. You can bet on the outright winner of any Wimbledon main singles or doubles draw.

To reach the final

Another popular futures market is betting on a player to make the final. This wager pays out whether they go on to win that final or not.

Stage of elimination

At what point in the Wimbledon draw will a player or doubles pair be eliminated from the tournament?

What is Wimbledon Live Betting?

Top 10 Wimbledon Singles Winners

These are the most successful tennis players in Wimbledon men’s singles history:

And the most successful ladies in Wimbledon women’s singles history are:


You should now be in the know about Wimbledon betting in USA. That’s about all from us, but isn’t tennis great? Especially a Grand Slam on grass at the height of the British summer.

If you still have questions, then our FAQs section below should hopefully contain the answers. You’ll find common queries there.


Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tennis tournament held on grass courts. It takes place in the eponymous area of Southwest London in the UK each year in July.

To refresh your memory, some of the most popular Wimbledon odds wagered on include:

Our experts have drawn up a shortlist of the best Wimbledon betting sites on this very page.

You can bet on Wimbledon, any other Grand Slam or Tour tennis via mobile or other digital devices.

Live betting, also called in-play betting, is where you can place wagers on sporting events as they happen. As Wimbledon attracts wider attention outside the tennis world, it naturally features among live betting opportunities. You can bet on matches while the action unfolds on court.